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Develops your ear for Spanish

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Does spoken Spanish seem fast to you?


It should. 


The average speaking speed in Spanish is 20% faster than the English language (proven in multiple studies).


Spanish words can roll together, because so many Spanish words end in the letters “o” and “a”.


This drives many new Spanish speakers crazy…especially me when I was first getting started.



Until May 22nd you can try a unique system proven to develop your ear for understanding & your tongue for speaking Spanish.


Develops your Ear for Spanish 



The pace of Spanish used to seem so fast to me. It felt like the Roadrunner cartoon.


There was a trail of dust as el correcaminos (the Roadrunner) blitzed past me.


Meep! Meep!


I felt like Wile E Coyote, holding my sign saying


"Más despacio por favor" (more slowly please.)


I couldn't keep up with what mis amigos said to me.


Worse, when it came to speaking I was as slow as a snail.


The academic theory from the textbooks had me confused.


All The study of the pluperfect subjunctive, conjugating the Spanish verb to be and indirect object pronouns vs. direct object pronouns… dulled my mind.


I was scared to speak for fear of making mistakes.


I had no confidence.


I decided to throw my textbooks in the dumpster and look for an easier way.


I discovered there were two main ingredients for blending into daily Spanish life


1. Speaking and being understood

2. Understanding what your amigos say back to you


Even better, I noticed there were patterns that made it easy to speak the Spanish language.


Soon my Spanish multiplied.


I went from not being able to hold a conversation to freely moving around the Spanish-speaking world.


I even gave a business presentation to a chamber of commerce entirely in Spanish.


I never would have imagined this just a few months earlier.


About a year later in San Diego, California, I flicked through radio stations between Spanish and English and felt no disconnect.


Listening to Spanish was like listening to English


I was completely comfortable with both languages


You too can have the same experience.


It won’t happen overnight, because you need to make a daily effort.


However, if Spanish is important to you and you are willing to put in a little practice each day you can enjoy this freedom and confidence with Spanish.


This system develops your ear for understanding Spanish & your tongue for speaking Spanish.


For the next few more days, you can try it for just $1


Develops your Ear for Spanish 


The program guides you step-by-step to speak and understand more Spanish each day.


Check out the video on this page for more about this unique system:


Develops your Ear for Spanish




Marcus Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach

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