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Easy Patterns for Getting by in Spanish

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I want to share with you a handy conversation pattern you can add to your Spanish repertoire today. 


It's an easy pattern that helps you "get-by" in the language. 


I call it a conversation pattern because you can use it to say a lot with a little. 


In Synergy Spanish, you can use conversation patterns to make over 80,000 phrases from just 138 words. 


A propósito (by the way), Synergy Spanish is available for 59 percent off until my 59th birthday on March 31. 


Save 59% on my 59th birthday    


The great thing about patterns like this is that as well as being authentic everyday Spanish, they feel natural and familiar to English speakers. 


Here’s today’s pattern. 


Estoy a punto de cumplir cincuenta y cinco años. 

I am about to turn fifty five years old. 


Estoy a punto de tener una fiesta. 

I am about to have a party. 


Estoy a punto de hacer las decoraciones. 

I am about to make the decorations. 


All you do is attach a verb to estoy a punto de and you’re speaking with real Spanish sentences. 


Estoy a punto de hablar más español. 

I am about to speak more Spanish. 


See how natural those phrases feel? 


It’s because it’s an everyday conversation pattern. 


Conversation patterns are powerful and easy to speak over 80,000 Spanish phrases. 


There’s no faster or easier way to "get by" in the language than starting with these speaking patterns. 


Synergy Spanish is filled with conversation patterns like these. 


Ahora mismo (right now) because... 


estoy a punto de cumplir cincuenta y cinco 

I am about to turn fifty five can get a 59% discount on Synergy Spanish for my 59th celebración. 


Save 59% on my 59th birthday


And when you are ready, you can take your Spanish into the real world and speak confidently with your amigos


I’m looking forward to exploring more of life and the world in my next 59 years. 


Why don’t you add a new dimension to your life "by getting in" Spanish the easiest and fastest way possible?


Save 59% on my 59th birthday


A propósito (by the way), the offer is only available until the end of my birthday on March 31. No te lo pierdes (Don’t miss out on it.)


Save 59% on my 59th birthday




Marcus Santamaria 

Spanish Communication Coach
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