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Have you ever felt lost in translation? 


Perhaps the true meaning of your thoughts got diluted when you tried to express them in another language?


Spain’s latest sporting hero, Ilia Tupuria, is a fascinating case study.


He is Spain's UFC featherweight champion. Despite his prowess in the ring, expressing his heart in English is a challenge.


In Spanish, he’s articulate, charming, and charismatic. For a young man in such a trash-talking-sport as mixed martial arts, he’s respectful, spiritual, and wise beyond his 27 years.


In English it was a completely different story.


Back in December 2022, he was on the receiving end of some brutal trash talk by Paddy Pimblett.


All Ilia could say, was things like,


“What you said?”

“I don’t understand you anything.”

“When he see me come you go to the backdoors.”


I watched him being interviewed in Spanish where he talked about his struggles with English. During the interview, he said…


“No puedo transmitir lo que está dentro de mi corazón.”


I can’t transmit what’s inside my heart.


That Spanish verb, “to transmit” is an interesting way to convey the idea of expressing yourself in another language.


His journey mirrors the experiences of many of us.


In his native Spanish, he articulates deep, philosophical thoughts, embodying a spirit of resilience and wisdom.


Yet, in English, he finds himself constrained to short, simplistic sentences.


This contrast between Ilia speaking Spanish and Ilia speaking English highlights a struggle many language-learners face.


How do you express the depth of what you want to share in a language that’s not your own?


It starts with Synergy Spanish.


With just 138 words, you can create 88,000 Spanish phrases.


That’s because Spanish has patterns English speakers can use right away.


And once you know the words to focus on and combine them with these patterns, you get a shortcut to speaking Spanish quickly.


Will this course alone make you fluent in Spanish?


No. But it will get you started and it will help you get by in Spanish.


And once you experience the joy of speaking this beautiful language…and meeting new friends from around the world…you’ll be motivated to continue even further.


By the way, Ilia’s English has come along in leaps and bounds in just over a year. 


I heard him recently on an interview and he speaks in full and clear sentences. 


His charisma is starting to shine through and he expresses himself with clarity and confidence.


Soon you could do the same.


Start with Synergy Spanish today…




Marcus Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach

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