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How will Spanish transform your life?

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If you could start speaking Spanish this year, what would your life be like? Do the questions below sound familiar or even get you thinking of how to make them come true?
How will Spanish transform your life?
How many new amigos would you have?
How many more places would you go?
Would you go to places most people find intimidating, remote, or too far off the beaten track?
Would you be more daring and move around freely?
Or, would you just enjoy mixing with the locals in less remote places?
How much more would you enjoy your travel?
What would you do?
Where would you go to speak your new Spanish?
Would you go and live in a different country?
In addition, which one would you choose?
Would you live on the beach or in the mountains?
How would it feel to see and be part of a completely different way of life?
How much more fun would it be to travel where you can go anywhere you want and know you can communicate easily and confidently with the locals?
The art of living is all about great relationships with interesting people, isn't it?
Would you be able to help others with Spanish under your belt?
What contributions would you make?
Make this easy life transformation this year.
Here’s the ideal opportunity to make it happen.
How will Spanish transform your life?    
Marcus Santamaria
Spanish Communication Coach
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