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Instant Spanish Christmas words

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Here’s an easy way to pick up 9 Spanish words in just a few minutes and speak about Christmas in flowing sentences.


Spanish has words that English speakers can use right away.


For example, most English words that end in ATE end in AR in Spanish


English   Spanish 
 Celebrate  -  Celebrar
 Decorate  -  Decorar
 Illuminate  -  Iluminar
 Donate  -  Donar


Other words are so similar to English that once you are shown them, you’ll recognize them immediately


Spanish    English 
 Familia  -  family
 Pudin  -   pudding
 Recibir  -  receive
 Diciembre  -


 Jamón  -



Just click the link below to put these Spanish words into flowing sentences.


Turn Instant Spanish Christmas Words into flowing Spanish Sentences


You’ll get free access to an interactive online course that will have you speaking flowing Spanish like this in just 5 short lessons.  


Diciembre es mi mes favorito sin duda. Me encanta celebrar la Navidad con mi familia. Recibo muchos regalos. Me encanta el jamón y el pudín. Siempre paso la navidad en casa. Adoro iluminar la casa y decorar el árbol de Navidad. Me encanta la navidad.


That Spanish will flow out of your mouth after the 5 short free lessons. 


By the end of the course, you’ll turn instant Spanish words into flowing Spanish sentences.


Speaking Spanish can be fun, fast, and familiar. All you have to do is take advantage of the Spanish that comes easily to English speakers.


Turn Instant Spanish Christmas Words into flowing Spanish Sentences


Celebrate Spanish this Christmas and see the stunned looks from your amigos as Spanish flows from your mouth.  


Click the link below for the first lesson right now.


Turn Instant Spanish Christmas Words into flowing Spanish Sentences


Marcus Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach

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