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With my 59th birthday coming Friday my goals are evolving…as I learn more and more to focus on what matters.


And I’m giving you 59% off Synergy Spanish until my birthday.


59% off Synergy Spanish    


I’m continuing a musical ear-training course. It’s been great fun so far. I’ve gone from not being able to tune my guitar to playing the chords of songs by ear.


I’m excited to hear what the next level sounds like.


I’m getting after it in the gym. I’ve been enjoying a 45-minute HITT class 3 times a week. I'm adding weight training twice a week, and mobility exercise most days.


Once, I didn’t know it was possible to be this fit at my age. The other day I did 28 box jump onto a 31 inch box in 2 minutes


I train with people 25 years younger than I am. I don’t plan on any decline and letting them pass me by. Instead, God willing, I plan on finishing each quarter faster, stronger and more mobile at least until 2030.  


I am going to do everything to make sure I stay in supreme health. 


If I continue to look after myself, I can be creative for years to come. I want to give my best to mi familia, amigos and estudiantes.


That means eating clean, sleeping well and moving twice a day. Plus, grounding and getting sunlight for vitamin D.


One of the most important protocols is staying away from all the negativity on social media... especially politics.


I want my mind clear, calm, and upbeat. A positive mindset is better for the immune system and a better way to live.


I'll continue intermittent fasting for 16 hours a day and cold showers.


I don’t like the cold showers. 


However, I find calming myself as the cold hits me, makes it easier to calm myself when life hits me.  


Most importantly, I want to connect on a deeper level than ever with my kids.


We did a character strengths assessment recently. It turns out we have creativity, ingenuity, and originality in common.


Spending more time together is an opportunity to explore our common bond. I’m excited about getting to know my kids in new and fun ways.


I want to look for and find the best in my kids even when they don’t see it themselves.


I’m also learning Italian. I am using  the same language patterns I share with you in Synergy Spanish. So far they are going gang busters.


There's no better time to jump into Synergy Spanish with my birthday special.


If you too plan to make positive changes and create beauty in your life, here is a special link for you:


59% off Synergy Spanish




Marcus Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach

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