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Slays your Spanish hobgoblins

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Spanish didn't come easily to me.


I already failed high school French.


On top of that I’d taken private Italian and Chinese classes without success.


Spanish was the fourth language in a row where it felt like I was being crushed.


The self-doubt was horrible.


It had to be my fault.


Maybe I was just terrible at languages…


Yet, like a good boy, I studied and toiled…no matter how hopeless it felt.


Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”


It felt like that hobgoblin was sitting on my head.


I was consistently getting nowhere, yet I kept doing the same things over and over again.

Luckily, I eventually stumbled on some easy Spanish patterns.


Otherwise, the hobgoblin would have conquered me.


Thank God I changed paths.


These easy Spanish patterns slayed the hobgoblin.


My whole world expanded including my mind, my life and my Spanish.


These patterns will free you too.


They are natural and easy for English speakers to use right away.


Each pattern opens up more ways to express yourself.


Speaking Spanish falls into place.


Soon you experience the thrill of speaking this beautiful language.


I've shared these patterns with thousands of students. They too now enjoy speaking Spanish.


Recently I've refined the patterns even more.


I’ve focused on the easiest and most impactful ones to use in face-to-face conversation.


That way anyone at any age can speak this beautiful language and use it to chat in real life.


It doesn't matter your past experiences. Nor does it matter how many times you've tried before.


If I can speak Spanish, anyone can.


These patterns unlock your Spanish genius.


Click here to see how easy it is to pick up Spanish you can use in real life conversations today.


Slays your Spanish hobgoblins




Marcus Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach

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