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Spanish flows with confidence

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To speak Spanish, you need to speak Spanish.


Yet, how can you practice speaking Spanish if you don’t know enough Spanish to speak freely?


This is the dilemma that kills most people’s journey into Spanish life.


The textbooks have you toiling over grammar. The vain hope is that someday if you study enough, it will all magically fall into place.


But it almost never does.


At least 97.5% of people never get there (from a University of Chicago study).


I was stuck there for years.


Hitting the books.


Torturing myself daily.


Paying my dues.


Hoping someday it would all fall into place.


But it seemed the harder I tried the less comfortable I was with the language.


I became an expert in all the ways to make mistakes.


I was terrified to speak.


My mind made multiple calculations before I dared to say anything.


When I spoke, it was disjointed and unnatural.


It didn’t flow.


I hated it! Those around me became frustrated with how slowly I spoke. The negative cycle kept getting worse.


Would I ever speak freely in Spanish?


Maybe I was too old.


Too dumb.


Too hopeless.


I was almost ready to throw in the towel.


But there was a glimmer of hope that kept me going.


There were a few patterns in Spanish which stood out to me.


There was a spark of Spanish that even I could use…


These patterns easily flowed from my mouth.


They felt natural.


They gave me confidence.


I hunted for more of these simple Spanish patterns.


Each time I found one, even more Spanish flowed out of my mouth.


My amigos understood me when I used them.


My confidence exploded as my repertoire of patterns expanded.


I remember showing off as I parked my car outside a fish taco stand in Baja California. I chatted with the attendant like a boss.


My Australian friends, who spoke zero Spanish, were super impressed.


I felt like a genius.


Spanish was finally opening up for me.


These genius patterns changed my life and they never let me down.


It doesn’t matter your age, previous experience, or how many times you’ve tried before.


These patterns can unlock Spanish for you too… and change your life.


Spanish flows with confidence




Marcus Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach

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