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Spanish for daily life

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DON’T make the language complicated if your goal is to speak Spanish in daily life!


Theory weighs you down.


Overthinking gets in the way.


Spanish wouldn’t come out of my mouth until I got away from the theory.


I discovered simple patterns that English speakers can use right away,


That changed everything,


Soon I was blending into daily life conversations. I even gave a business presentation entirely in Spanish at a Mexican chamber of commerce.


If you’d told me a few months earlier I would have been able to do that… I would have said, “estás loco” (You’re crazy).


And I integrated Spanish into my daily life without suffering through grammar classes or textbooks.


Sadly, many people never find out how easy natural and comfortable speaking Spanish can be.


They study Spanish for YEARS but can't even hold a basic conversation. Countless hours are lost on minor points of grammar that don’t help you say anything


Yet, all they need is handful of Spanish words and patterns that English speakers can use right away


With just 138 words you can make over 80,000 phrases.


It’s so much easier than the endless grammar and academic theory.


Best of all you hit the ground running and start speaking Spanish from day one.


Your momentum and confidence builds every single day. The language becomes fun…like an exciting adventure.


Why deny yourself this beautiful language any longer?


Right now, you can join Synergy Spanish for half off


Spanish for daily life


Let Synergy Spanish give you the gift of Spanish communication.


Treat this next half of 2022 as a new beginning.


Make this beautiful language a spectacular part of your life.


Spanish for daily life




Marcus Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach

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