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Speak more Spanish for a $1

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Is this your brand on Milled? Claim it.

Mexico is celebrating Teacher's Day today.

I want to use the day to make you an irresistible offer to take the next step in Spanish fluency.

Until Monday, May 22nd, you can try out the first fluency module of Bola de Nieve, plus receive five bonus Spanish Conversation Multipliers, PLUS as an extra super bonus you’ll also receive Spanish Ear Training, which is now available in our all-new video format too.

You'll receive audio, video and transcripts of this entire package deal.

Por solo un dólar (for just one dollar) you get the following:
Bola de Nieve – Fluency Builder module 1
The first module from Spanish Ear Training on video
Conversation Multiplier # 1 – 9 easy steps to double your Spanish conversations
Conversation Multiplier # 2 – 7 easy-to-use sentence starters to fit in like a native
Conversation Multiplier # 3 – Reflexive verbs made easy
Conversation Multiplier # 4 – Everyday informal Spanish for chatting with family and friends
Conversation Multiplier # 5 – Understand native speakers with collocations
Fluency Builder 1 – Spanish Ear Training 1 and 5 Spanish Conversation Multipliers on video
Imagine speaking Spanish with complete confidence.
It's exhilarating!

Amaze your English-speaking friends with your fluent Spanish and delight your amigos by speaking to them in their own language.
You'll experience enjoyment as you are mixing with the locals when you travel. You could even live in a Spanish-speaking country, if you choose.
The options are endless once you speak Spanish like this.
ONE dollar gets you on the path... but only until May 22.

Fluency Builder 1 – Spanish Ear Training 1 and 5 Spanish Conversation Multipliers on video
Marcus Santamaria
Spanish Communication Coach
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