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The antidote to stuck Spanish

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Have you tried to learn Spanish but can’t hold a simple conversation?


Perhaps you studied Spanish in school.


Or maybe you've played with a Spanish app on your phone.


It’s possible you’ve even learned a lot of words or phrases, but Spanish feels stuck in your mouth.


You're not alone.


Many people spend years practicing Spanish and never have a meaningful conversation.


No te preocupes (Don’t worry). All your efforts don’t have to be in vain.


There is an easier way to bring Spanish to life.


I was once in your shoes.


I knew hundreds of Spanish words, but I couldn’t put together a single sentence.


And worst of all…I was living in a Spanish speaking country at the time!


It was miserable.


I stumbled over my words and struggled to communicate with those around me.


I studied all the popular Spanish language textbooks for an hour or more each day.


But I felt HOPELESS. Maybe I was too old or languages just weren’t for me.


Luckily, I stumbled on a simple solution.


You see, Spanish has patterns that English speakers can use right away. In fact, these patterns can…


Unlock the language for you


Free you from rote phrases and memorization.


Make it easy for you to get your point across in Spanish.


Give you confidence to say what you want to say.


Best of all they are natural to English speakers and soon Spanish is flowing freely from your mouth.


These patterns make Spanish feel so familiar and comfortable…it’s like hanging out with your favorite friends.


Soon you too could feel more at home with Spanish.


Check out the special offer below to discover how these simple patterns can unlock the Spanish language for you.


The antidote to stuck Spanish




Marcus Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach

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