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Email sent: May 24, 2021 10:26am
One of the best things about teaching in a Spanish speaking country is being called maestro. 
An Aussie amigo thought that was very cool and insisted on calling me “maestro” for a while, not that I minded. 
A propósito (By the way), for only the next five days I am offering a special $1 trial on Bola de Nieve, which is the simplest path to building fluency in Spanish. 
Plus, this very special offer also includes a free membership in Spanish Ear Training. This program helps you understand more of what people say to you, especially when they speak quickly. 
Click here and see everything included in the $1 trial.  
While it’s fun being a maestro, there’s a better word than “maestro” to describe what I do. 
The only trouble is the word is not Spanish, it is Japanese. 
We don’t have an English equivalent word nor a Spanish one either.
The word is “sensei.” In terms of a martial art, a sensei is one with more experience, who can guide you along the path. 
That’s what I am doing for you, guiding you along a path to speaking Spanish. 
The path is made easier because you won’t experience the usual textbook torture turning your dreams into a nightmare. 
Using this sequential path you speak to learn instead of learning to speak. 
It’s just a matter of following the steps. Much like learning to walk or ride a bike, each step or push gets you to your destination. 
If you are serious about taking your Spanish to exciting new levels and reach your destination, you owe it to yourself to give this easy path a try. 
Until Sunday, May 30th, you can try my first fluency module, plus five conversation multipliers plus Spanish Ear Training for just a buck.
Marcus Santamaria 
Spanish Communication Coach
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