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The mistake that kills Spanish

Email sent: Sep 20, 2021 3:36am
There is one mistake that is almost certain to destroy your chances of speaking Spanish.




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This mistake has nothing to do with…


Verb conjugations


Masculine and feminine noun-adjective agreement


Pronunciation or grammar 


The mistake that kills your Spanish is…focusing on mistakes


When you focus on mistakes, that’s all you see.


Spanish textbooks had me so uptight I was nervous to even open my mouth.


I was consumed with anxiety.


It shut my brain down.


Yet there was a golden opportunity to speak Spanish freely right in front of me.


You see, Spanish has patterns that English speakers can use right way.


There is no need to focus on mistakes and minor points of grammar.


You can shift to these easy speaking patterns.


Then, Spanish becomes clear, friendly and familiar.


It like going from a fuzzy old black and white TV set to a sparkling modern high definition big screen.


You see the language with a new clarity.


It feels comfortable and natural.


Each additional pattern is like a new channel for your entertainment and enjoyment.


Giving you more confidence each day as you speak with greater freedom.


Your amigos understand you because it’s the same patterns they use every day.


Best of all, Spanish becomes fun, a new world of friendship and adventure opens up for you.


The patterns give you more than 80,000 phrases from just 138 words.


Synergy Spanish unlocks the Spanish language. It’s an easy and step by step system.


And it works for all ages. (My oldest student so far is 96.)


For the next few days you can get Synergy Spanish for half off.


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Amaze your friends. Your new skill will seem magical and mysterious to them.


Yet it all comes together so easily with this proven step-by-step system.


Delight your Spanish-speaking friends by speaking to them in their language. Watch as they open their hearts, homes and dinner tables to you.


Synergy Spanish Independence - 50% Discount




Marcus Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach

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