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This is weird

Email sent: Jul 1, 2020 12:00am

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

I got a weird request for a refund the other day.

"Please show me where in Synergy Spanish you teach the declension of the verb in the future tense. If you can't show me, I expect a full refund."

I was a bit put out by that one. After all, have you ever heard me say I would "teach the declension of the future tense"?

Yet, my guarantee promises, no questions asked. So, even though declension of the future tense makes no sense, I organized a refund for her right away.

Frankly that one did get under my skin. But it's really for the best. You see, she wants to follow the path of a text book and I think most text books should be thrown in the trash.


The books didn't work for me.

In fact, they put up barriers to me learning a second language. Even though I was full of enthusiasm and determination they cost me years of my learning time.

I should have been speaking a second language in my twenties. Who knows where it would have taken me? What great adventures I might have had and wonderful friendships I could have made.

In the end it all turned out for me. I finally found success when I decided to get rid of the textbooks and look for a better path.

The problem with textbooks is most of them use a language teaching method that was created to teach Latin

A dead language!

Why use a system for studying the dead Latin language, when you want to speak the living language of Latinos?

It doesn't make any sense.

Isn't it better to cut through all theoretical exercises and instead get down to what works and gets you speaking with real people?

Sorry to be so insistent, but it gets me worked up.

It's just so crazy

Every year millions of people pick up textbooks to learn a language and they have almost ZERO chance of succeeding. Yet if they took a different path they would discover there are no age, education or ability barriers.

Everyone has innate talent for language. After all, we all learned at least one language without even trying.

If you are not getting closer to your goals with Spanish, the best thing you can do is change direction.

My Synergy Spanish method has helped thousand to discover they really can speak Spanish. It'll work for you too; I guarantee it... no questions asked.


Marcus Santamaria
Spanish Communication Coach

P.S. If you want to learn "the declension of the future tense", I'm not your guy. I don't care about what the textbooks say you should know, I only care about teaching you how to speak real living Spanish you can use right away.
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