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This saved my Spanish

Email sent: Sep 22, 2021 11:34am
It felt like Spanish would never come out of my mouth.


But now I blend into daily conversations in any Spanish speaking country...


And all it took was a simple shift in my approach.


Otherwise, I may never have spoken this beautiful language.




For the next few days you can get Synergy Spanish for half off.


This course gives you as many as 88,000 Phrases from just 138 words.


Synergy Spanish Half Off




My Spanish journey started with excitement.


I dove into the textbooks eager to begin my new Spanish speaking life.




The textbook smacked me in the face with theory about masculine and feminine nouns and adjectives.


Something didn't feel right, but I pressed on.


Hopefully I’ll get to the part where I can speak soon…


Next chapter was about two versions of the Spanish verb “to be” along with tons of rules.


No matter how much I studied, I still couldn’t say anything.


Try harder!


Verb charts


the subjunctive mood


Por vs para


More and more theory but still I couldn’t say anything other than


¿Dónde esta el baño? (Where is the bathroom?)


It was so disheartening.


I almost gave up.


Maybe I was too old to learn and no good at languages.


Everything changed when I discovered...


Spanish has patterns that English speakers can use right away.


And not just a handful of phrases.


There are over 80,000 phrases that come naturally to English speakers.


They make this beautiful language doable for anyone at any age.


Yet most people don't even know they exist.


That's why I created Synergy Spanish. It gives you the step-by-step system to speak more than 80,000 phrases from 138 words.


Best of all for the next few days you can get Synergy Spanish for half off.


Synergy Spanish Half Off


3 simple steps make Spanish flow from your mouth right from the get-go.


These Spanish patterns took me from feeling like an outsider to thriving in a Spanish speaking country.


Experience daily life conversations instead of theory.


You can use it today to communicate anywhere Spanish is spoken.


This system has unlocked a new Spanish life for thousands of my students.


Why not see how it can bring Spanish into your life too?


Synergy Spanish Half Off


This is for anyone who wants to speak Spanish but have been frustrated with the ‘normal’ slow methods.


If you tried to speak a language but the textbook theory didn’t get you speaking…


Give this simple 3 step system a whirl. It makes Spanish easy. Your Spanish flows with language patterns that English speakers can use immediately.


Synergy Spanish Half Off




Marcus Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach

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