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Tijuana Spanish Bouncers are NO Problem

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It was an exclusive Tijuana nightclub.


There was 50 to 100 people all crowded around the door, desperately waiting to get in.


The bouncer opened the rope just for us.






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Understand More of What Your Amigos Say




It was because a friend of Elena’s owned a modeling agency. Her boyfriend pointed us out to the bouncer, who took us in front of the multitude waiting in line.


It’s good to have bouncers on your side, especially in Tijuana.


There’s another gatekeeper of sorts that is good to bypass too.


Let's imagine a big ugly bouncer, who won’t let Spanish into your mind.


He’s behind the velvet rope, dressed to the nines in his suit and bowtie.


“Sorry, you can’t come in”


“We’re full up”


He won’t let Spanish in.


You're out in the cold.


All dressed up and no place to go.


This bouncer exists!


He’s essential.


Without him you’d never survive.


His scientific name is the Reticular Activating System. RAS for short.


He’s a little piece of your brain constantly filtering every piece of information around you. He "only" pays attention to what’s important to you.


He notices danger like a car horn, or things that go thud in the night. He draws your attention to it. Wakes you up at 3:00am if he has to.


He hears your name across a crowded room.


When you buy a new car, he sees it everywhere.


In pregnant women, he sees pregnant women all over town.


He focuses on what’s top of mind.


Here’s the good news. You are HIS boss.


When you focus on what’s missing with your Spanish, so will he.


He’ll start hearing Spanish you never noticed before.


Spanish that was invisible becomes as familiar as your name.


Spanish phrases are suddenly recognizable everywhere. They appear all over the place like that new car you see everywhere now.


It’s amazing what was hidden from you is now in plain sight.


You understand Spanish that was once a blur.


You blend into conversations.


You keep up with your amigos. Not only in face to face conversation, but also when they chat among themselves.


You start understanding a lot more of what your amigos say.


Even when they speak at full speed.


Your confidence grows daily.


You’re free to go anywhere Spanish is spoken.


You’re more at home in the Spanish speaking world than you’ve ever been.


It’s all because you found the system letting Spanish flow freely in your mind and your mouth…


This lets Spanish into your mind   




Marcus Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach
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