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Weird Old Guy’s Spanish Secrets

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Lately I've been walking backwards.


I've got a long driveway and when the sun is out, I take off my shirt.


I get some weird looks from my neighbors!


Are they thinking, “WOW, look at that gorgeous guy in such good shape!  What's that weird exercise he's doing?  It must be some super-secret fitness bodybuilding routine.”


Or more likely, they’re thinking, “Why is that weird old guy walking backwards without a shirt?  He’s off his rocker again.  No one needs to see that.”


Either way, it doesn't matter to me.


Because walking backwards has had a profound payoff.


Two years ago, my left knee felt like it was shot. I couldn't do the exercises I wanted to do.


Yet, I'm 58 and I recently was able to do 41 consecutive squat jumps.


I couldn't have done that when I was 28.


Who'd of thought a simple thing like walking backwards could be so life changing.


The weird thing is that it has strengthened all the supporting muscles around my knees. 


It's great to feel this vital in my late 50s.


Walking backwards is easy for me.


But with each step my Achilles and tibialis gets stronger.


With Spanish, there are some simple and easy to do exercises that completely change the way you communicate in this beautiful language.


You see, Spanish has patterns that come easily to English speakers, because your brain is naturally wired for these patterns.


All you need to do is flip them around from Spanish to English and this beautiful language opens up to you.


But this can feel backwards to everything traditional methods try to teach you.


Instead of struggling with academic theory and grammar that doesn’t get you anywhere…you speak to learn instead of learning to speak.


Soon, you find yourself doing and saying things you never imagined possible…all because you decided to move in a different direction.


You feel comfortable.


You feel confident.


You feel at home.


And each day your Spanish gets better.


Your ability to express yourself grows, and your confidence expands even more.


Why was your life toiling over textbooks when you can do something that's simple, easy, and fun?


Soon you too can receive a magnificent payoff that revitalizes, rejuvenates and renews your life.


Click here to jump into Spanish.




Marcus Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach

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