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Why Spanish verb charts cause failure?

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Here's the easy road to Spanish verb mastery. 

I call this the Sideways Approach. It's a tiny twist that takes difficult Spanish verbs and makes them simple. 


The free video on this page makes speaking with Spanish verbs easy.

Free Video: Speaking with Spanish Verbs Made Easy 

In Spanish the verbs are not the same as in English. For most students this grinds their Spanish to a screeching halt. 
Here's how to shortcut all the intimidating grammar rules and slice through the conjugation charts. 
With a simple sideways turn to the verbs anyone can dominate this language no matter their age or background. 
Here is a typical verb chart:

Ar verbs Er Verbs IR verbs
Hablar comer vivir
Yo Hablo yo como yo vivo
Tu Hablas tu comes tu vives
Usted Habla usted come usted vive
El/ella habla el/ella come el/ella vive
Nosotros(as) Hablamos nosotros(as)comemos nosotros(as)vivimos
Ustedes Hablan ustedes comen ustedes viven
Ello(as) hablan ellos(as) comen ellos(as) comen


I guess it's OK as a reference tool. Except for the overuse of pronouns, especially yo. I'll tell you why yo is so bad
en un momento. 
However, that chart as a foundation to speaking Spanish in real situations, making friends, doing business or pursuing a romance... 
¡Olvídalo! (Forget it!) 
Here's what's wrong... 
If you rely on the chart you'll always be at the mercy of the chart before you can speak. 
Imagine if you had to stop and think about theory before you spoke in English. 
...............Imagine if............................................................... you stop and.......................................think about a 
bunch of theory spoke 
in English 
That's how most teachers train you to speak Spanish. 
It's no wonder the majority of students struggle, month after month... and many give up before they reach anything close to fluency. 
Fortunately there is an easier way. 
All you do is turn the verbs sideways. 
Let's turn the chart sideways and take a look at the first person pattern. That's the one you use to talk about what you do. 
Yo hablo           
Yo como           
Yo vivo               
Now lets get rid of the pronoun yo. Spanish speakers mostly use yo for emphasis. 
Do you really want to go around emphasizing yourself? 
(Yo, yo, yo, I, I, I, me, me, me) It's not a good look. 
(It's all about me!) 
So let's ditch yo. 
Notice anything? 
Let's make it a bit easier.       
Look at that! 
All the first person verbs end in then letter "O" 
Hablo = I speak 
Como = I eat 
Vivo = I live 
All of a sudden something big and intimidating becomes an easy and manageable pattern. Can you understand these phrases? 
Hablo español con mi amigo Francisco. 
No como chile. 
Vivo en Argentina. 
Hablo con muchas personas en Facebook. 
Vivo en México pero no como chile. 
It's that easy to bring life to Spanish verbs. 
The exciting thing is it doesn't take many of these sideways patterns to start speaking great Spanish. 
Get a handful of them under you belt and the language will suddenly open up for you. You'll quickly speak Spanish that delights your amigos. 
One more very important point... 
Even though we eliminated the fear of verbs, just reading this lesson can a bid dry and dull. 
Hearing and using the language is when things become vibrant and lively. 
So jump on over to my blog and grab the audio, it's gratis. You'll be speaking a bunch of new Spanish phrases immediately. 
Start speaking Spanish phrases with verbs immediately 
Marcus Santamaria 
Spanish Communication Coach

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