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Your most glorious day with Spanish is coming

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For a long time, I never thought this day would come.


It seemed like a dream.


A bridge too far.


But, it happened.


I made it… You can too!


I’ll never forget the day.


I was driving around San Diego, California.


The weirdest thing was I didn’t even notice what I was doing, at first.


It happens the same way when we drive without thinking about driving.


You know, when you jump in the car, drive while you drink a coffee and fiddle with the radio. At the same time, you referee a fight between the kids and somehow you just get where you’re going.


It’s all automatic


The same thing happened as I flicked through Spanish and English radio stations. I felt at ease with both Spanish and English. I paid no attention to which language the station was using.


I didn’t have to think to understand.


It all just happened so naturally, I didn’t even notice what I was doing.


Then it hit me.




I can’t believe I just did that.


Where once Spanish speakers seemed to speak so quickly. Now at last, it all felt natural and normal.


I have reached the mountain top.


I’m on top of the world and over the moon.


For so long, I had to focus hard to understand Spanish and I always seemed a step behind.


Now, I was comfortable!


No tension, no straining to keep up. I was at ease.


Here is the great news.


You can enjoy the same level of comfort with Spanish as I do.


And you can get there much faster than I did.


Your Glorious Day with Spanish   


All it takes is uncovering the same ‘hidden treasure’ that tied the Spanish language together for me.


Soon, a whole new world opens up to you. 


And all it takes is just 10 minutes per day….


Your Glorious Day with Spanish




Marcus Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach
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