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A Very Personal Love Letter From Tamara

Email sent: Feb 14, 2018 2:04 pm

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

Letter from Tamara
Tamara and Michael

When I dropped the Love sandal last month, I told you to be your own damn Valentinea sentiment Ill always stand behind. I was a single mother for nine straight Valentines Days, and I know firsthand the significance of being independent. But being your own woman doesnt mean you cant celebrate the ones that you love, which is why Im taking today to share my feelings about a special someone...

Dear Michael,

I can see the look on your face as you read this. Youre amused, maybe a little embarrassed, getting a smart comment ready to respond to this very traditional and publicly sentimental love letter. Because were not traditional, or particularly sentimental: were us, and this is my way of celebrating that.

Theres an old cliche about the woman behind the man. You know how I feel about that idea, and Im sure youre not surprised I want to turn that old adage on its head what about the man behind the woman? But in truth, thats not right either relationships are partnerships, no one is behind anyone else.

Thats why I call you my partner. Youre a lot of things to me my fiercest supporter, protector, lover, challenger, advisor, confidant, and my family. But in all those ways that you show up for me, you do it because you know and respect me as an individual, and because we choose to go through life together, as equals.

Maybe this is because we met as adults, with our own histories and children and careers. Weve never defined each other. Or maybe its because were both strong-willed and passionate, and happen to love so many of the same things... The one thing you wont hear me say is that our romance is a product of destiny, that the stars were aligned when we met. Youd call bullshit on that, and I would agree.

I fell for you when I first saw the care you put into your relationships both with me and Minty. You folded my daughter into your family immediately, and that speaks to your integrity and heart more than anything about star-crossed lovers. Two of the most important things in my life are my daughter and my career, in that order. And while youve always been my fiercest supporter, youve been that even more so to Minty. I cant always be there for her, whether its working late hours at the office or traveling for business. When Im away, youre the one that makes sure shes cared for. And when Im home, youre still the one who wakes up early and drives Minty to school every day. It makes me feel safe knowing that Minty is safe with you.

Tamara and Michael

I like to call you the truth teller, because you tell it like it is. (Is it a coincidence that I speak so often about owning my voice? I find honesty and confidence such a sexy quality.) You give it to me straight with a side of humor, like when you call out my spray tan for being too orange.

Youre my champion, and I cant tell you enough how much your support means to me. You give out Tamara Mellon business cards to anyone who will listen, and plenty that dont want to. Romance is about showing you care in unexpected ways, and Michael, youre a man who knows how to surprise me.

This is our seventh Valentines Day together, but only the second one weve lived together for. Choosing to move from New York with Minty, to move my business across the country, so we could live together-- thats the most honest thing Ive done in the name of love. And Im grateful for it every day. Because heres what it comes down to: theres no one else I would rather be with. You make me happy, you make me fearless, you make me feel loved.

This Valentines Day, but also on all the other days, I want to celebrate that.

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