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To Walking the Walk in 2018…

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Letter from Tamara
Tamara at Women's March

With the first month of 2018 behind us, Im feeling a tangible sense of excitement for what this still-new year holds.

There are so many incredible cultural changes happening. In last months newsletter, I shared with you how meaningful the Womens March and #metoo were to me personally, and I love that this new year dawned with the women of Hollywood coming forward with Times Up. These events are huge part of the cultural zeitgeist, but theyre more than that theyre a catalyst for us walking the walk in our own ways, in our own lives.

Women's March

Im sure youve heard me say the words walk the walk before. Its an idea thats so meaningful to me it stands for a way of life where you hold yourself accountable to back up your words with action.Walk the walk is about staying true to yourself in the face of fear.Its standing your ground even if your opinion is unpopular especially when its unpopular. Its about taking the road less travelled to the beat of your own drum and mixing metaphors if you damn well please.

Its a philosophy that I do my best to uphold as I build thiscompany,and one that inspires me to constantly challenge how a luxury fashion brand can be built. The moments where weve taken the biggest risks and done things differently are the ones Ive been proudest of like therereleaseof my Love shoe last month, where each pair comes with the sexy extra of a vibrator. This was a fearless idea dreamed up by a conference room full of women Im proud to workwith,and made real with an exciting partnership with the team behind Unbound Babes, a female-founded sex toy subscription brand. Because why cant we be our own valentines?

Love Shoe with Unbound Gift

I started this brand because I believe that strong women know exactly what they want, and deserve to get it. We can all embrace this fact, but inrealitysome brands are still selling women the idea that we need to be a certain type of something.

Recently, a reporter approached me for a comment about a Jimmy Choo video that was in the news for objectifying women. In it, Cara Delevingne struts down a street as men check her out and catcall her. Im sure it was never intended to be offensive, but as a woman watching this in 2018, I had the same reaction Im sure a lot of you had, which was really? This is supposed to be the reason that women put on a pair of shoes?

Feminism is not a buzzword, or a marketing tactic. Its a movement, and a movement requires like-minded people creating an unstoppable momentum by inspiring each other to take small steps that lead to lasting change. Heres to channeling this energy into building things were proud of, and on our own terms.

Heres to walking the walk in 2018 (in a killer pair of Tamara Mellon heels).

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