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A Timeless Capsule

We teamed up with Heritage 1854 and spent over a year curating a limited capsule of vintage Timex pieces.

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We teamed up with Heritage 1854 and spent over a year curating a limited capsule of vintage Timex pieces.
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A Timeless Capsule
When it comes to timeless design, surefire reliability, and tough as nails build quality, few brands can stand alongside a name like Timex. We’ve admired their approach to product design and construction since day one, which is why we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work with our buddy Ark—the man behind Heritage 1854, a project dedicated to telling the rich history of the brand—to curate a special limited lot of vintage pieces that we’re making available today after over a year of scouring the globe collecting.
1978 Timex Viscount M109
With only 40 watches total, we’re proud to bring new life to some of the most iconic styles from decades past—like the Black Max that “looks rugged, acts rugged, and is rugged,” and the Mercury 1044 that was famously worn by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Each unique piece in this collection comes with its own story and has proven itself over decades of reliability.
Product Grid of Different Colorways of Watches
Originally founded as the Waterbury Clock Company in 1854, Timex has well over a century under their belts in building some of the most hardworking watches in the world. With the watches in this collection alone spanning five decades of original release dates, we can’t think of a better testament of their commitment to quality and everyday dependability.
1976 Timex Electric Dynabeat
 Together with Heritage 1854 we’re proud to share this special collection with you and hope that you enjoy each and every one of these watches as much as we do. They’re sure to sell out fast, but we’re glad to know that each of them has a legacy that will live on for years to come.
1978 Timex Black Max
We’ve done our best to ensure the condition and operation of every watch in this collection and each one has been professionally serviced with straps and batteries replaced (where applicable or needed.) However, it is important to note the vintage nature of these items and be aware that each piece is in used condition. They all come with a decades long story to tell, but without a warranty so please be mindful when selecting.
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