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A catastrophic economic doom loop

Email sent: Aug 20, 2020 12:22pm
Plus: The salvation of British cinema, and will this fiasco destroy the Tories?

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Thursday August 20 2020

From The Editor


By Chris Evans, Editor


The best of The Telegraph's articles, sent by the Editor

Dear reader,

Following the series of fiascos over the past few weeks and months, Philip Johnston asks how long this Government will be able to survive the “stench of incompetence”. Voters will forgive many things, but not the exam results debacle, he argues. Don’t miss his column.

Is Britain about to be sucked into a catastrophic economic doom loop? Allister Heath says that huge state spending is set to trap the UK in a vicious circle of higher taxes and permanently lower growth. It is an important read.

With a further 7,000 job cuts at Marks & Spencer, the high street giant is reeling. Lisa Armstrong, our Head of Fashion, looks at where it all went wrong.

One week ago, when our columnist Celia Walden was holidaying in Côte d'Azur, she woke up to an overturned house and an empty jewellery box. Celia was burgled as she slept, her handbag taken just metres from her bed. Here she tells the story of her terrifying experience.

Finally, when Chariots of Fire came out in 1981 it was heralded as the salvation of British cinema. For a few years after the movie’s 1982 Oscar win, British films were on a winning streak. But then came the flops. Film Critic Tim Robey looks at how the country ran out of breath.


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Governments are rarely able to survive the stench of incompetence – could the A-level fiasco be a turning point that destroys the Tories' fortunes?

Allister Heath says that Britain is about to be sucked into a catastrophic economic doom loop. Don't miss his analysis.

What is killing Marks & Spencer? Lisa Armstrong investigates. (Free to read)


"We were burgled in our French villa as we slept – it's terrifying to think what could have happened." Read about Celia Walden's awful holiday experience.

Chariots of Fire made British film unbeatable but then we suffered a slump. Tim Robey looks back at what went right, and wrong. (Free to read)

"I find it devastating to imagine ending my days alone or worse going ga-ga and incontinent in a care home" – Kate Mulvey writes about her biggest regret of not having children.


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