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Britain's Future Commando Force

Email sent: Jun 29, 2020 1:28pm

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Plus: a key week for the PM, why conspiracy theories seduce and how Ronnie Wood made it to 73

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Monday June 29 2020

From The Editor


By Chris Evans, Editor


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Dear reader,

This week will be a key moment in Boris Johnson’s plans to overcome and recover from the coronavirus pandemic. Multiple major announcements are planned for the coming days, including significant investment in schools, new infrastructure projects and “air bridges”. You can follow today’s events in our live blog. And remember to check back with us each day for the latest on every development.

Among Mr Johnson’s reform plans is a significant review of the UK’s Armed Forces. Ahead of its publication later this year, the Royal Navy has announced a radical transformation of the Royal Marine Commandos to make it fit to face the future threats across the globe. Dominic Nicholls has all the details on what the Future Commando Force means for the Marines, why it’s happening and whether it can succeed.

The pandemic is not, however, over. The Government is still wrestling with which restrictions to ease, which to keep, and possibly, in the case of Leicester, which to restore. All of this comes at a time when compliance with the lockdown appears to be fraying. Dealing with that rebellion will be essential, says Janet Daley, but, she argues in her column, ministers cannot resort to further enforcement to do so – instead it needs a greater understanding of human relationships.

Finally, the departure of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from official royal duties earlier this year caused a great furore. But it was nothing compared to the abdication of Edward VIII and his marriage to Wallis Simpson. In an extract from his new book, Alexander Larman tells the inside story of that love affair and how close it came to tearing the Royal family apart.


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The UK's Future Commando Force – find out about the radical and "lethal" new unit created to fight threats across the globe. (Free to read)

"Can ministers not see that inhuman lockdown rules are driving this terrible disorder?" – Read Janet Daley's argument that the Government needs more empathy in its lockdown approach.

Was Covid-19 created in a lab, spread by 5G masts, or does it all come back to Bill Gates? Follow Mick Brown as he heads inside the insidious world of conspiracy theories.


Alexander Larman tells the fascinating inside story of the love affair that almost tore apart the Royal family. (Free to read)

"There were times I could have been more careful. There were close calls" – Ronnie Wood talks to James Brown about making it to 73.


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