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How Britain is beating coronavirus

Email sent: May 21, 2020 12:06pm

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

Plus: where we could go on holiday this summer and the fascinating story of Princess Alexandra

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Thursday May 21 2020

From The Editor


By Chris Evans, Editor


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Dear reader,

This morning we reported more positive data on the decline of Britain’s coronavirus epidemic. New analysis by Oxford University for The Telegraph shows multiple major London hospitals with no deaths from Covid-19 in the past 48 hours, while the number of people in hospital with the virus is at its lowest since March. Our data team have taken an in-depth look at the numbers to show you in four charts how Britain is beating coronavirus.

There were a few murmurs of excitement earlier this week when the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, announced that plans for “air bridges” to international holiday destinations were under consideration. Greg Dickinson explains how it could work and which countries are most likely to be included.

Braveheart, Mel Gibson’s Oscar-winning portrayal of the life of William Wallace, is 25 years old this year. It continues to top the lists of the most historically inaccurate films ever made. How much does that matter and why? In this wonderful piece, Tom Fordy looks not just at what the film got wrong, but what it can tell us about the Nineties, and how Braveheart might have altered British history.


PS: Our lockdown awards have been a great success, with more than 1,500 excellent nominations. We’re now asking you to vote for your favourites, with the winner to be announced on Friday, May 29. Vote here.


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As the Government plans phase two of lifting lockdown, there are encouraging signs of Covid-19 being suppressed. Here are the four charts that show the UK is beating coronavirus.

Where are the prime candidates for an "air bridge" holiday this summer? Find out here.

Mel Gibson versus history: this is how Braveheart got William Wallace so wrong. (Free to read)


Once dubbed the "unsung heroine" of the Royal family, who is the princess who has spent 60 years steadfastly supporting the Queen? Read Princess Alexandra's story.

A hit podcast investigates the theory that a global smash by German band The Scorpions was written by the CIA. The truth is even more incredible. (Free to read)


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