The 30 Day Stress Away With Charles Linden
The 30 Day Stress Away With Charles Linden

-anxiety can be fixed fast... when you know how

Email sent: Jan 28, 2020 8:29am

Hi  Ccizasyeuio,

If you've tried many things to recover from your anxiety condition, you'll know that it's an endless, soul-crushing GRIND... isn't it?

The 'mental health geniuses' suggest one thing, then the next. Therapy. Tapping. Hypnosis. EMDR. Meditation. An endless cycle of trying new things that sometimes offer reassurance but never fix the problem.

Here's why that is absolutely ludicrous:

1) The monster has an endless appetite. They KNOW that what they do cannot help you, so they constantly invent more resources, tools and tricks to entice you in with reassurance and meaningless credentials.

2) There's a huge difference between treating someone and curing someone. Treatments are plentiful and costly... time and money flows away from sufferers like a torrent; but solutions are the only way forward and there is only one solution!

3) You're not really helping the issue. Can we be honest? Lack of information isn't the problem. Information is everywhere. The real reason people don't have results is that they don't have a STRATEGY, and someone to walk them through it. Great strategy + world-class support + accountability is what creates real, curative results. Not more chatter.

I know exactly how it feels.

If you've been looking down the barrel of a life spent using these, so called, treatments, and it's a horrible, empty existence... I know because I lived it... you're right.

Thank God there's a better way.

You don't have to try endless things to feel better fast. You just need ONE thing. The solution - human biology, not practice models like psychology, dictates that.

You don't need a $67/£60 ebook or $100/£110 a session therapy. You just need ONE resources that gets results. (The one developed during human evolution and guaranteed by human science.

You don't need psychology or psychiatry. You don't need medication. You don't need someone to tell you that you're worthy, strong or resilient. TODAY you can reduce your anxiety levels and move quickly towards TOTAL recovery.

Right now, there are people all over the world who need REAL, immediate help. They have the issues that we solve, but they can't fix it doing what they're doing now. It's not lack of information. What they, like you, are missing is correct information.

They're on their knees, hoping and praying to find the guidance they need, (I was the same once) - they need a true mentor - people who have recovered and helped others to do the same, to show them the way.

We provide ONE THING - The roadmap to remove anxiety and face ANY challenge that comes your way with cool, calm confidence.

Even if you disregard EVERYTHING else I tell you, just understand that what we will give you will change the way you look at what you consider to be problems, forever. You'll love it Ccizasyeuio.

Take care,

Charles Linden

Founder, Linden Tree Education

Call us on +44(0)1562 742004

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P.S - Here's your free video intro again as promised: 'The Truth about Anxiety Disorder Recovery' video at

P.P.P.S - Just to clarify... We are asked regularly...

"Do I have to come off my medication to do TLM?" NO, 100% not.
"Is TLM based on meditation, hypnosis or something similar?" NO, it is not.
"Is TLM anything religious or involve religious practices?" NO, 100% NOT.
"Is it CBT, exposure therapy or counselling?" 100% NOT. It's nothing like anything else you'll have done.
"Is TLM about distraction or 'feeling the fear'?" NO, 100% NOT.
"Is TLM a recognised therapy?" Yes and it is administered by qualified mental health practitioners.
"Does it work?" Just do it and you'll see.


PLEASE NOTE: If you do decide to use The Linden Method, please use one of our registered websites - some people sell used copies with missing disks and no support or members area access - this wouldn't be productive for you - also, if you order from one of our websites, you will receive the latest updated materials.

Start your recovery now


The internet is filled with inaccuracy, misinformation, bogus products, services and organisations about anxiety disorders.

I fell victim to some scams myself when I suffered. So please let me be clear about this...

We are an accredited learning organisation - just like any college or university.
We are Trading Standards partners.
We are a team of BACP, LAR and BPS mental health experts.
We are on the UK Register of Learning Providers UKRLP.

We provide NCFE accredited health education and recovery courses and we only employ accredited mental health practitioners.

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