The 30 Day Stress Away With Charles Linden
The 30 Day Stress Away With Charles Linden

-anxiety is going to drop away

Email sent: Jan 27, 2020 8:38am

Dear -,

Our number one priority is your fast and permanent recovery.

We are extremely proud of our reputation for delivering what sufferers need.

Why? Because we at LTE were all trapped in anxiety once and we have all fully recovered and KNOW what all sufferers need in order to fully recover. Fast.

Our guarantees are based on 24 years of practice and a unique reputation and professional practice.

Guarantee 1. The lowest cost professional recovery advice and guidance in the world.
Guarantee 2. Seamless, constant access to care and advice* when YOU need it!
Guarantee 3. If you don't feel it's worked for you, we will refund you.

Read about our Recovery Guarantee and recovery programs here

Question - If you could reach inside your head and SWITCH OFF your anxiety, phobias, obsessions, compulsions and low mood right now... would you?

If you answered yes... I promise you that I can show you how to do just that using a process that NHS and two decades of testing proved to be the most effective anxiety therapy.

Why doesn't everyone use our service?

TRUTH - because it is TOO successful. How would psychological practice survive if we cured everyone -?

We prove time and time again over 24 years of practice that our programs are 900% more effective than anything else... BUT they don't like it... it proves that their practices are useless and that clearly upsets them.

The last time we ran a trial program, we got all of the children back to school within a week... but the NHS psychologists didn't approve and the kids were left 'high and dry' without us.

Meanwhile we cure people who have been told they'll never be anxiety free and save lives - literally.

We get people out of hospitals, clinics and mental healthcare and back to school, college or work... in days.


Read these client testimonials - - then search the world for ANYTHING similar. You honestly won't find it.

This message really is from me directly so ....

...PLEASE... if you do just one thing today, read this email thoroughly.

I know it's long, but I assure you that what I tell you will transform your life...

Just please take the time to understand the simple science of Recovery and what it means to you and your life.

I'll prove to you that you don't have to suffer like you are now for ONE MORE DAY.

Our organization has helped well over 270,000 people to recover... more than any other mental health organization in the world.

We will show you 1000s of recovered people and tell you exactly what they did to recover fast and permanently.

Tomorrow you can wake up feeling so much better... less anxious, supported, reassured, happier and excited - KNOWING that you have found the solution.

To find out more about our programs and to see 1000's of client, celebrity and medical reviews you can visit one of our main international websites here

Do you suffer from...
  • Anxious thoughts
  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder
  • OCD
  • Obsessive Thoughts
  • Globus Hystericus
  • All inappropriate thoughts
  • PTSD
  • Insomnia/Night Frights
  • Fears around eating or swallowing
  • IBS
  • Agoraphobia
  • Monophobia
  • Fear of dying
  • Health Anxiety
  • Eating Disorders
  • Emetophobia
  • DP/DR
  • Depression
  • Social Phobia
  • Self-Harming
  • School Phobia
  • Childhood Anxiety
  • ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia
  • In fact, any condition of the emotions


Let me first say this - I will make sure that you get everything you need TODAY so that you don't have to wake up tomorrow having to tolerate your anxiety - why?

Because I was the same as you once and it's not fair for you to suffer needlessly.

I suffered for 22 years and I vowed never to allow another person to go through what I endured.

We know how to remove all of your symptoms completely, naturally and fast.

Despite what you have been told or experienced, full recovery is simple and the science involved is no more than high school biology... biology ignored by therapy and medicine.

I will prove to you that kids of six to adults up to 94 have removed their (often decades long) anxiety disorders... sometimes in hours. CLICK HERE TO MEET SOME OF THOSE PEOPLE

We were the first online therapy practice and we are the only organization that produces true recovery in our clients. (Since 1997

Here's a video I created to show you how we will help you


When we asked the government health service, psychological organisations and private practice to define the word 'recovery', they stated that "recovery is acceptance of the disorder into your life".

We were shocked.

Our definition is different.

Recovery to us is 100% and permanent removal of all symptoms and thoughts - waking up every day with ZERO anxiety and only normal fear responses.

I'm 100% cured and have been for over 20 years and every client who has done TLM correctly is also totally anxiety disorder free.

This is exactly why most of our referrals come from clinics, hospitals, doctors and psychologists... they send their patients to us because they know we will cure them.

This level of success simply doesn't exist elsewhere and it's so inspirational to see people of all ages recover in days.

HERE'S A FACT FOR YOU - If you compare our recovery outcomes with CBT, NLP, counselling, psychotherapy, hypnosis, medication, meditation, talking therapy and psychiatry... our recovery rates are a minimum of 900% higher.

Our recovery outcomes are 100%. I know that sounds hard to believe, but I assure you that when you understand HOW we do this... you'll see that it's just simple science.

Does it fail? No. Like eating to cure hunger... it cannot fail.

Like I said... that's just science.


We are an NCFE accredited educational and Recovery Psychology organisation with accredited professional practitioners all over the world, running workshops, residential, childhood and corporate recovery programs.


What we do makes us so passionate about helping people...

...every word of this email was written, with passion, by me for YOU and every other person who suffers needlessly under these pointless and time wasting conditions.

Do you want proof?

Reply to this email and I'll respond... I respond to over 300 Emails a day... why?

Not just because I'm a sucker for hard work... but also because I have done so for over 20 years and I'm not going to stop till I have to.

Anxiety wiped out my enjoyment of life till I was 27 and I will do everything I can to stop that happening to you and other sufferers.

I was suffering like you once... believe me, I know how it feels.

The wonderful team we have here are ALL ex sufferers...

...but with a difference... they have been anxiety free for many years and are all qualified and accredited anxiety recovery specialists (MBACP, BPS, LAR) capable of showing you what they did to recover and assisting you to recover very quickly indeed.

It's so, so simple... will be so relieved to learn how easy it is to recover... just give us the opportunity to prove it to you.

I promise you that your anxiety disorder and the fast and permanent elimination of it, is our primary focus from this point on.

I PROMISE YOU that your recovery is far simpler than your current life is...

and I also assure you that everything we tell you is going to immediately reduce your anxiety levels!!


Whether you suffer from:

Anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, depression, health anxiety, obsessions, phobias, PTSD, OCD, depersonalization, derealization, self-harming, eating disorders, emetophobia, fear of dying, HOCD, ROCD, POCD, depression or a combination of all of them.

My primary goal is to help you to understand them from the position of a person who has suffered and cured himself, and then show you EXACTLY how to do the same... I was in YOUR shoes once... believe me, I can help you to feel better very quickly indeed.


Accredited Anxiety Disorder RECOVERY with unlimited support by the most highly qualified specialists in the world.

SPECIALISTS WITH A DIFFERENCE - Our team are the world's ONLY qualified and accredited Anxiety Disorder Recovery professionals.

We are a team of mental health professionals working within a registered educational organization that operates within government guidelines to provide programs of recovery to patients everywhere.

In fact, we are the only accredited recovery focused organization and we work in partnership with the NCFE and with the government's Trading Standards Office in order to deliver what we claim.


We are very unique for another VITAL reason...

We are all ex-sufferers and we are all accredited specialists, BUT ALSO we don't charge you a fortune for sessions or fill you with medication - we also provide SEAMLESS support... so that you never feel alone with your condition again.

Unlike any other resource in the world, we provide you with mobile and desktop optimized resources to ensure your full recovery, plus the most amazing guidance, support, reassurance and friendship... on an unlimited basis.

We don't have 'sessions'... you can call or email us when you need us and it's all FREE OF CHARGE.

You pay one fee equivalent to the national average for ONE therapy session.

Check the fees and memberships out here:

NO OTHER medical or mental health resource in the world provides this.

Wherever you are in the world, we will give you immediate access to your materials and support, PLUS mobile apps to beat your disorders.

Our staff have thousands of hours experience over many years working to strict supervision by their accrediting bodies.

We provide face-to-face, residential, home learning and web based recovery. Our programs conform to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence guidelines CG113

We provide recovery programs to government agencies, corporations, media, film and other organizations around the world... because they know it works.

I founded the practice in 1997 but since then it has become something incredible - working with GPs, psychologists and mental health practitioners to provide truly curative solutions.


I had spent 27 years suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, health anxiety, eating disorders, derealization, depersonalisation, depression, obsessive, inappropriate thoughts and Pure O when I finally worked out how I could recover - and did it.

Everyone was totally shocked, including me. I recovered so fully and so quickly that even my psychologist asked me how I'd done it as he had never seen someone change their life so quickly. 

It was so liberating; for the first time in my life, the world opened up for me. I could move around, behave normally and give fear and anxiety no conscious attention. I assure you, you'll also be able to do that soon. It was like being reborn. 

I live for what I do and gave up a really rewarding career in TV to do it full time because of the wonderful sense of fulfilment I get from helping people just like you. I truly love it and so do my team and my wife who help me to manage the centers, Retreats and business.

I didn't understand it at the time but, it seems, that I had discovered the cure for anxiety disorders and as you will soon read, it has become the only accredited recovery therapy.

Strange as this may sound, I have not only helped over 200,000 clients but also thousands of celebrities, sports-people and even politicians and industrialists. I've helped supermodels and Hollywood stars, have made TV series, featured on many more, written dozens of books, audios, websites, DVDs and more... little old me from Worcestershire, the housebound agoraphobic with OCD, panic disorder, eating disorders etc.

I would never have believed someone had they told me back then what I would be doing now.

I thought I'd be a middle aged, overweight, under-achieving recluse by now. Take a look here at some of the amazing, inspirational stories:

YOU can and will transform your life -. Despite how you now feel, you will become the person you want to be.


Today we provide practitioner training and recovery programs to government agencies, celebrities, corporations, sports stars, sports teams, TV studios, film studios and share my own and my team's knowledge on TV and radio, and in magazines and newspapers all over the world. We train Anxiety Recovery Practitioners to a professional level through Linden Tree Education, our educational facility. (NCFE Level 4)

I spend four days a month at our Anxiety Recovery Retreat where 12 people (and their loved ones) come to spend time with me and the team as we show them how to transform their lives; and they truly do. You can find some of their testimonials on our websites - links at the end of this email.

But don't worry, as our home access program offers the same benefits and effectiveness and you can use it remotely wherever you may live - support is both constant and very accessible.


Our absolute aim is to cure every sufferer in the world, because when we watch the amazing transformations happen in people who have been abandoned by 'the system', (like I once was), I know that it is my job to get my message to every person who needs it.

Ultimately, we have a clinically proven solution and all I want to do is help people like I once was to get access to what will cure them.

If YOU have any ideas about how we can help more people... get involved with your organisation or if you know any way we can reach anxious people.... email me directly:

Anxiety disorders are such a needless waste of amazing potential, but health systems do so little to address the disorders effectively, most people ending up on inappropriate medication or receiving drawn out and also often painful therapy sessions... but what every sufferer needs and wants is a solution... a fast and simple one.

We employ only qualified Anxiety Recovery Specialists and carry more testimonials, medical and psychologist recommendations and endorsements than any other anxiety or mental health resource... we truly change lives -.

Please watch my video "Introduction to Anxiety Recovery" by clicking on this link:   I recorded this video so that you would receive an honest, unrehearsed understanding of how myself and my team cure anxiety disorders.

Please navigate to it now and then come back to the email, or listen later... it will clarify everything without any effort at all.


Here are a few key facts that will help you understand how The Linden Method will help you:  

    •    The Linden Method can be done at your pace, you can take your time or make it work quickly.

    •    You do not have to leave your home or ‘face your fears’ at any time.

    •    You do not have to come off your medication.

    •    No one needs to know that you are doing it, it is completely invisible to onlookers and the outside world.

    •    It can be done whilst taking medication, the medication will not affect your recovery at all.

    •    Whether you choose the Residential, Workshop or the Home Learning version is irrelevant, the process, support and the end results will be the same. 

    •    Our amazing specialists will be there to assist you even after you have beaten your anxiety. They are yours for up to 12 months, so there's no rush if you need to take your time. We understand and help thousands of people in your position each year.

    •    If you choose to 'get off the ride' early because you quickly reach the level of recovery and happiness that you aimed for, we will respect and support you.



I hope this will inspire you to just give me a chance to show you how quickly you can feel so much better - because you deserve to know what I know - and you deserve to feel well and prosper in every way.

Myself, my wife Beth and my Team work very hard to bring full recovery to sufferers, but some people don't want to recover despite saying they do and others want to recover but don't know how to yet.

It might be that you fall into one of these categories right now, which is fine - you'll get there in your own time.


Because if you are... we are here waiting to get started!

Just go to the TLM portal, join and watch the introduction video - I am 100% certain that it will make you feel a lot better immediately.

YOU CAN DO THIS.... no matter how dreadful you feel right now... just TRY it and you'll see that what I have said is true.


-, you have three options.

1. Send me your telephone number (area and country code) by replying to this email and I will ask one of my psychology team to call you free of charge.

2. Join The Linden Method, which holds all the information that you need to become anxiety free, online: To order in any currency wherever you are go to

3. Carry on reading my updates and reach a point at which you truly understand what we can help you to achieve.

To understand more about us and what we do, or to read or listen to what other ex-clients say about us click here

See other international website links at the end of this email.

You know where we are -, my team are available to talk to you at any time.

If you wish someone to call you right away to reassure or guide you, just reply to one of my emails saying so and I will arrange it for you.

Take care. 

Love and best wishes.


Charles Linden
Linden Tree Education Ltd
Charles Linden Media Ltd
Anxiety Recovery Retreats Ltd
Lifewise Publishing LLC

PS - Here's your free video intro again as promised: 'The Truth about Anxiety Disorder Recovery' video at

PPS - Just to clarify... We are asked regularly...

"Do I have to come off my medication to do TLM?" NO, 100% not.
"Is TLM based on meditation, hypnosis or something similar?" NO, it is not.
"Is TLM anything religious or involve religious practices?" NO, 100% NOT.
"Is it CBT, exposure therapy or counselling?" 100% NOT. It's nothing like anything else you'll have done.
"Is TLM about distraction or 'feeling the fear'?" NO, 100% NOT.
"Is TLM a recognised therapy?" Yes and it is administered by qualified mental health practitioners.
"Does it work?" Just do it and you'll see.


PLEASE NOTE: If you do decide to use The Linden Method, please use one of our registered websites - some people sell used copies with missing disks and no support or members area access - this wouldn't be productive for you - also, if you order from one of our websites, you will receive the latest updated materials.

Start your recovery now

Corporate websites:

The Linden Method Anxiety Recovery Pack and Mobile enabled
Online Portal with qualified, unlimited email and telephone support

CLICK for more info




The internet is filled with inaccuracy, misinformation, bogus products, services and organisations about anxiety disorders.

I fell victim to some scams myself when I suffered. So please let me be clear about this...

We are an accredited learning organisation - just like any college or university.
We are Trading Standards partners.
We are a team of BACP, LAR and BPS mental health experts.
We are on the UK Register of Learning Providers UKRLP.

We provide NCFE accredited health education and recovery courses and we only employ accredited mental health practitioners.

Linden Tree Education -
The Linden Method -
Anxiety Recovery Retreats -
The Linden Centre
Campion House, Green Street
Kidderminster Worcestershire DY10 1JF

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