The 30 Day Stress Away With Charles Linden
The 30 Day Stress Away With Charles Linden

-anxiety recovery is now a certainty

Email sent: Jan 26, 2020 8:28am

Hi Ccizasyeuio,

I started up the computer, this morning and my inbox is 'choked' with people replying to my emails. There's a pandemic of anxiety suffering out there in the world and it sickens me that good people like you are given such selfish and unscientific advice from people we are meant to trust.

I know that when you get a true understanding of what your anxiety issues are really all about, you will KNOW that your recovery is imminent.

I hear so many stories of people who have 'shelled out' thousands to join some 'anxiety recovery' program or other or to do a 'psychological therapy'...only to discover that program was woefully incomplete and/or misguided.

I had the same experience when I was looking for a solution to my anxiety conditions. I searched high and low for someone that could walk me through to recovery... but no one had a clue. There was always something missing. Maybe that's been your experience too. Psychology and psychiatry are unrelated to what you experience Ccizasyeuio and despite what they will tell you... there's no science involved in their advice.

PLEASE just trust me when I say that medication, psychology, psychiatry, tapping, EMDR, NLP, talking therapies, hypnosis and meditation CANNOT make you better. How do I know? Because I understand the science and because since 1972 I have LIVED anxiety conditions, RECOVERED from them and since helped and met many hundreds of thousands of people just like us... NONE have been cured by those therapies.

BUT... millions have been cured completely, often in a day or two. How? Science. 

SO... what's the big difference?

When I read through the emails people sent in this week, they all said the same thing: "Charles - I get it. There is something vital missing from all these other programs. But what makes what you do any better? How do I know that working with you won't be my next disappointment?"

It's a really valid question. Here's 6 reasons why we're the best:

1) Because our method is scientifically sound, complete, and it works FAST. I'm not going to tell you to do pointless relaxation, anxiety diary keeping or other nonsensical exercises whilst keeping your fingers crossed in the hope that you get better. The Linden Method takes people from anxious, desperate and frustrated to massively less anxious in 48 hours or less. Instead of spending years in therapy or taking medication, we do it with ONE 45-minute webinar that instructs you on how to scientifically recover fast. It works.

2) Because we've solved EVERY single problem you can possibly run into. We have coaches to help you with your recovery. To help you deal with fear disorder and phobias. To help you with your full recovery, so you benefit fully and fast. My team is the best in the world, and we have "eyes on" every aspect of your recovery, so that nothing gets missed.

3) Because we set you free to become the BEST version of YOU. The beauty of our system is that we give you specific recovery instruction. How amazing would it be to finally understand why you suffer and what the ONLY process that creates recovery is?

4) Because it works from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop, phone, desktop, tablet and Internet connection... and you can do this from anywhere in the world. 

5) Because nobody cares more. I provide professionally qualified specialists. I didn't hire just 'anybody'. I went out and hired masters. My team is truly the BEST in the world. Jackie, Kathy and Sheila, who head up our support team have a combined 50+ years of experience in mental health recovery. These people are life-changers... and you get access to all of them for free as a client.

5) Finally, because it's just simple science. The problem is that psychology, psychiatry and medicine 'cornered the market' a log time ago, but back then, it was a simple case of finding a place for people like you and I... people with anxiety conditions in a world in which psychology, psychiatry and medicine dominated healthcare... unfortunately the science of fear, anxiety, phobias and obsessions is not associated with anything they practice which is why they don't work. What we do is science. Simple science that moves you to freedom from all emotional distress fast and with permanent results.

The bottom line is this: The Linden Method is the best in the world because we use a scientifically verified process, great support, and we want you to recover FAST.  It's not just me - you have a world-class team backing you up every step of the way.

So Ccizasyeuio...

If you're not recovering...

If you're suffering from any form of anxiety condition...

If you're sick and tired of trying new therapies, pills and processes... us, join a program or take some action to understand more...  it will be the BEST investment in yourself you ever make.

I guarantee it.

IF it doesn't work... get a refund. It's that simple. What have you got to lose? YOUR ANXIETY!

Take care,


Charles Linden
Founder, Linden Tree Education


Thank you for requesting my help... help I have given to, well over 300,000 people - What do I do? Since 1996, I have shown millions of people how to fully and permanently recover from anxiety conditions without medication, therapy or any hocus-pocus. I am a consultant anxiety recovery specialist working with individuals, organizations, celebrities, government bodies, sports-people and more, providing fast and permanent recovery solutions. (Online, workshops, one-to-one, schools/colleges and residential). Our organization is now the world's leading recovery provider is CPD accredited and works in partnership with Trading Standards. We are a UKRLP Educational Provider.

Call us on +44(0)1562 742004

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P.S - Here's your free video intro again as promised: 'The Truth about Anxiety Disorder Recovery' video at

P.P.P.S - Just to clarify... We are asked regularly...

"Do I have to come off my medication to do TLM?" NO, 100% not.
"Is TLM based on meditation, hypnosis or something similar?" NO, it is not.
"Is TLM anything religious or involve religious practices?" NO, 100% NOT.
"Is it CBT, exposure therapy or counselling?" 100% NOT. It's nothing like anything else you'll have done.
"Is TLM about distraction or 'feeling the fear'?" NO, 100% NOT.
"Is TLM a recognised therapy?" Yes and it is administered by qualified mental health practitioners.
"Does it work?" Just do it and you'll see.


PLEASE NOTE: If you do decide to use The Linden Method, please use one of our registered websites - some people sell used copies with missing disks and no support or members area access - this wouldn't be productive for you - also, if you order from one of our websites, you will receive the latest updated materials.

Start your recovery now


The internet is filled with inaccuracy, misinformation, bogus products, services and organisations about anxiety disorders.

I fell victim to some scams myself when I suffered. So please let me be clear about this...

We are an accredited learning organisation - just like any college or university.
We are Trading Standards partners.
We are a team of BACP, LAR and BPS mental health experts.
We are on the UK Register of Learning Providers UKRLP.

We provide CPD accredited health education and recovery courses and we only employ accredited mental health practitioners.

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