The 30 Day Stress Away With Charles Linden
The 30 Day Stress Away With Charles Linden

-do you put things off?

Email sent: Jan 31, 2020 8:37am
Hi Ccizasyeuio,

You probably feel anxious and vulnerable right now but, in this email, I'll explain to you how you can become COMPLETELY ANXIETY FREE and better than you have ever been... and it requires no effort at all. 
What do I mean by 'better than you have ever been?'

I mean that you can become anxiety free, eliminate all of your symptoms, thoughts, phobias and obsessions and become more focused, healthy, happy and resourceful than ever before - and this process is based in a natural human resource and system that is present in every person.
By the way, before I forget, I have put a link to an audio file that I think you will like at the end of this email.

Do you procrastinate? 

The act or habit of procrastinating , or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.

If you DO procrastinate... why?

Is it because of your anxious 'what if' thoughts? 

(You and I know these 'What if' thoughts can cause havoc)

I did this for 27 years.

As a child, I would make up illnesses or excuses to prevent having to do things that made me more anxious; as an adult I also avoided people, situations, opportunities or events, and I'd say all sorts of things to get around it!

Do you recognize that your own anxiety makes you doubtful, lack confidence, skeptical, cautious or reserved Ccizasyeuio?

You know that decisions should be based on nothing but the facts but, like all anxious people all over the world, you will miss out on fulfilling experiences because you allow your inappropriate anxiety to make decisions for you. But I also know that you feel that you can't stop that from happening.... YET!

How often do you leave situations feeling regretful that you didn't take action, that you missed out on something, or that you missed your opportunity to take an opportunity?

Kathy, one of our senior Recovery Specialists, says it so well, I overheard her on the phone to a client one day as she asked "would you make an important decision when you are drunk?

Then why do you think that doing so when 'drunk on adrenalin' is appropriate?"

She is so right! The flight or fight response developed during evolution to deal with threat... nothing else, just threat and during the anxiety response NO OTHER bodily system works effectively... it all get's a bit 'drunk' and confused. You know that because you live it every day Ccizasyeuio... I did too believe me. 


Do you know that around 80% of your intellectual and 90% of your physical resources are used during anxiety... what makes you think that it is even vaguely possible to do anything else effectively when you only have 20% of your intellect and 10% of your physical attributes to work with?
You can't be anxious and effective in life... it's physically impossible.

Why did you think that concentrating on anything else, intimacy, social interaction, loving feelings, reading a book etc. are subdued and harder whilst you are anxious?

I spent years thinking there was something wrong with me, that I was incapable of loving, that I was intellectually 'challenged' in some way, and even that I was incapable of intimacy. I wasn't of course... I was just extremely anxious and all my other physical and mental attributes were being 'sidelined'.

Do you recognize that in your own experiences Ccizasyeuio

To a greater or lesser degree, all sufferers do!


When I recovered, I suddenly had all of those intellectual and physical resources at my disposal and I have seen tens of thousands of people experience the exact same transformations.

It's empowering and life-changing, and I would love for you to remove your anxiety shackles and achieve ultimate happiness Ccizasyeuio.

When you 'free up' those resources, you'll become SO resourceful that 'the sky's the limit!'. 

Ccizasyeuio, PLEASE NEVER think that you won't be 'normal' again. 

Never give up on being YOU again, because when your anxiety has gone, you'll be better than well, you'll be the best you could ever be, that I assure you.  

But if you're really serious about curing your anxiety and living the life that you're currently imagining, then these emails alone are not going to help you...

... you need to take action and follow the required steps that The Linden Method lays out for you... not for any other reason than the fact that I KNOW that it will cure you, in fact, I guarantee it will cure you... if you feel it hasn't, just get a refund. It's that simple.

In my last email I posed a question... what comes first, anxious thought or anxiety symptoms?

The scientific answer is that the PHYSICAL response comes first, with no preceding conscious thought... the conscious thoughts come later...

This is exactly why talking therapies cannot cure anxiety disorders... this revelation came £37,000/$40,000 too late for me... but it could still save you time and money... you CANNOT cure anxiety disorders by attempting to change your thoughts, keep anxiety diaries, setting time aside to worry, doing relaxation exercises or hypnosis... it is physically impossible, so just give up on it!

If it were possible... it would make all humans vulnerable - your emotions control centre, like all of your subconscious control systems, is locked away in order to protect it from vulnerability... how would it be if spoken or visual information could effect emotions, heart rate, digestion or respiration... think about it! So attempting to change chemical and electrical neurological responses (emotions) by talking, is, as you will agree... just nonsense!
Your emotions, like your digestion, circulation and respiration are controlled by your autonomic nervous system, safely tucked away from your conscious mind so that you can't control it, effect it or damage it consciously! But this also means you can't cure an anxiety disorder through talking therapy, drugs or hypnosis.

Ccizasyeuio, you know that if I were the anxiety genie, you'd be as anxiety free, happy and healthy as you wish to be in an instant, but I only have my mouth and the simple tools that I have developed in order to communicate the solution to you. 

I wish I could come to your house today and show you how quickly you can become anxiety free. I wish I could reach you and every sufferer in that way Ccizasyeuio.

It doesn't matter how you feel right now... what your thoughts are... what obsessions, phobias or symptoms you experience... or at what level and for how long... we can cure you.

If you've seen enough and know that you NEED to feel better right now, then here's how you can get started:

Just click here to read more or get started

Remember, once The Linden Method has cured you, I want you to send me a brilliant testimonial to persuade others sufferers just how powerful TLM is.

Here's that link I promised you:

Take care,



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