The 30 Day Stress Away With Charles Linden
The 30 Day Stress Away With Charles Linden

-is FULL anxiety recovery too much to ask for?

Email sent: Feb 1, 2020 8:33am
Dear Ccizasyeuio,

I am sure you may have tried a number, or even many, things to recover or get relief from your anxiety disorder.

I know I did - but since then I have met many thousands who have been let down by medication, psychology, psychiatry and other resources and treatments.

The problem is that there seem to be so many 'solutions' and we make the assumption that they 'work', but the truth is that most of them don't.

Why is that? Why do we know that people can and do, recover fully but none of the treatments have worked for YOU?

Why do you and all sufferers become despondent and skeptical?

Why do people give up in the belief that they can only 'manage' and 'cope' with their anxiety disorders?

Then, they meet us and some become immediately concerned about how WE can offer an actual solution... they say "but why do YOU have the answer when psychology and medicine don't?"

Simple answer - We ARE psychology... our team are all psychology professionals and our organisation is a psycho-educational recovery and education facility!

We train recovery practitioners, we offer home learning recovery, workshops, corporate workshops, residential recovery... it's not just me say here alone Ccizasyeuio.

BUT, what you don't realise (yet) is that the condition of anxiety isn't a mental health issue... sure it's activated in the emotions centre in your brain, but it's not activated because you're 'ill'... in fact, quite the contrary.

Since 1997 we have helped people just like you to understand the TRUE science of anxiety disorders. NOT psychology's science, not medicine's science... the ACTUAL science.

Psychology and medicine focuses on assigning blame, focusing on life experiences as the cause. Medicine just tries to 'numb' the feelings you are having with inappropriate drugs that cause side effects and don't 'cure' anything.

But none of them address the CAUSE... and the cause is NOT the thing that activated your anxiety... the cause is your ability to suffer!

Not all people CAN suffer from an anxiety disorder, only about 25% of people can... and you are one of them.

It is this predisposition to suffering that you have to FIX. We fix it. And it's so simple.

The evidence for our ability to remove anxiety disorders is unique and unmatched... no one else can demonstrate such a high level of success because no one else creates recoveries.

Please click here and see why we are different

BUT, ask yourself this... why would all these amazing people, (actors, actresses, aristocracy, supermodels) put their names to something that doesn't work?

They don't get paid, that's for sure. They do it because they want YOU to benefit from what they did.

Just TRY it Ccizasyeuio because by tomorrow you'll be wishing you'd tried it sooner.

Take care,


Linden Tree Education
Anxiety Recovery Retreats
The Linden Centers

P.S - What do anxiety disorders and laughter have in common? I'll tell you in my next email... it's simple science but few people know the answer.


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