The 30 Day Stress Away With Charles Linden
The 30 Day Stress Away With Charles Linden

-It's a bit like an Elton John song...

Email sent: Jan 29, 2020 8:33am
Hi Ccizasyeuio,
Your anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessions or depression is stopping you from accessing your human right to the experiences of 'normal life'... you know that.

I was the same way once.

Do you wake every day:
  • examining how you feel
  • searching for symptoms within you
  • dealing with anxious thoughts
  • trying to silence overthinking
  • deciding about how to navigate the day
  • avoiding or trying to control your anxiety, phobias, and inappropriate or obsessive thoughts
  • Scheming about ways to manipulate people and activities in order to stay 'calm' or just 'get through' the day

It's just not right to have to live your life that way Ccizasyeuio... but I did once, so I know how it feels, but I also know how to stop it being that way
You should be living a life in which you NEVER have to consider how fearful you are UNTIL there is something REAL there to be frightened of.
  • No level of elevated anxiety or panic are acceptable.
  • No phobia is acceptable.
  • No obsessions are acceptable.
  • You should never feel depressed or 'down'.
  • You should never focus on 'what if's' in the constant anxious cycle.
  • You shouldn't have 'what if' thoughts.
  • You shouldn't focus on negatives
You should never have to consider anxiety or apply fear to decisions you make.

In Elton John's song 'I'm still Standing' he sings about wearing a mask, being a true survivor, about 'still standing after all this time' and being 'better than he ever was'.

There's a strong and reassuring message for you in the next two or three paragraphs, so please read them carefully.

What Elton John describes is honestly exactly how I feel now aged 50, having been told at age 26 that I would never hold down a job, never have a family, never be medication free or never be 'well', (which meant that I'd never be anxiety, panic, OCD, Pure O, eating disorder, emetophobia, phobias and depersonalization/derealization free).

The Psychiatrist who told me that doesn't practice any more - thank heavens for that!

I'd love the opportunity to sit down with him though - to give him the opportunity to compare his notes from then with the man he would see before him now.

His medical notes about me said... (these are copied and pasted directly):

"Charles presents himself as unwashed. His clothes are un-ironed and his hair unwashed. He is not cleanly shaved and his shoes are dirty. This young man is somewhat overweight and his skin is pale and he is sweating across his brow. Charles' jaw is clenched and he is wringing his hands together as I write these notes... He has a short attention span and often loses the thread of his comments.

This is the first time he has left the house in over a month and Charles is displaying all the signs of a patient with chronic agoraphobia. His mother is in the waiting room and he travels nowhere alone. I notice that he touches the pulse in his neck regularly... Charles tells me that he is taking Stelazine, Zispin and Diazepam and that he is regulating dosages himself dependant on how he feels.

He is taking approximately around 50mg of Diazepam a day, over 8 times the prescribed dose. Having interviewed Charles, I have concluded that he is suffering with an extreme anxiety disorder, possibly OCD and is displaying signs of disassociation and agoraphobia. It is my recommendation that Charles is referred to the community mental health team for inpatient consideration and that he be referred back to his GP for a review of his medications."

I remember when my doctor, Claire Bolton, the most wonderful doctor anyone could ever wish for, gave me copies of my notes to use on my website.

I honestly cried as I read the notes; I am sure that you, as a sufferer, will understand why!

Here's a recorded radio interview with Dr Claire Bolton in 2007...

Up to the point at which Dr Bolton gave me the psychiatrist's notes, I had no idea what they said and I had no idea that the above was how I had come across to people who met me.

My message to you is this... if I can begin as the young man described above and end up where I am now, so can you... that's a promise.

I've seen the same recovery many tens of thousands of times... in people of all ages, regardless of their symptoms... regardless of their backgrounds, genders or life-experiences... I have never seen anyone unable to be cured FAST. Never!

My wife, Beth, tells me that in the years we have helped over 200,000 people, she has never met anyone as anxious as I was.

I don't know whether that's an accurate assessment, but I can say one thing... 

I have personally met tens of thousands of sufferers, some as bad as I once was, some not so, but I have never met a sufferer that couldn't be cured...

I have never personally failed to cure someone who does as I requested - and it's so simple, so why wouldn't they?
YOU will be anxiety, panic, phobia, DP, DR, health anxiety, depression and obsession free Ccizasyeuio. It's only a matter of time... a short time.
You just need to take the right steps. Kids of seven do it without even knowing they're doing anything.

When you do it, you'll see that it's so, so much easier than what you currently do to manage your anxiety.

Do you know the number one reason that people don't jump in and give me the opportunity to cure them straight away?

It's FEAR, which is ironic...

The one thing that prevents you and them, from doing what the mind needs in order to be healed, is the reason they need to be doing it in the first place.

But on day one after starting, clients nearly always ask "why didn't I do this earlier?"

When you suffer with anxiety, it is hard to 'see' the future you as anxiety free, it is natural to fear change when you are already anxious, BUT, what I can tell you with the experience of helping tens of thousands of people to recover, is that the process is simple, enjoyable, so fulfilling and so liberating... if kids of 7 years can do it... you can too.

DON'T waste any more time Ccizasyeuio - Life's too short to waste it on these pointless conditions.

You are incredible in so many ways... let me prove that to you.

Take care,


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P.S - Here's another question to keep your grey matter active... what comes first, anxious thoughts or anxiety symptoms


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