The 30 Day Stress Away With Charles Linden
The 30 Day Stress Away With Charles Linden

-the worst thing about anxiety...

Email sent: Feb 4, 2020 8:30am
Hi Ccizasyeuio,

I don't know about you but when I was suffering, I think one of the worst things I endured was the sense of being alone with my disorder.

I felt so isolated despite being surrounded by people who cared about me.

My mum was a nurse so you would have thought that might have been a bonus for me, but it wasn't.

She, like many medics, was very 'matter of fact' about my thoughts and symptoms and that made me feel even more isolated because, if you can't find reassurance and nurturing at home... where can you go for it?

Many of our clients feel that way too; do you?

Your friends, family and practitioners probably have the best of intentions but...

OK, doctors and counselors can provide a few minutes of friendly advice, but when you are alone with your anxiety 24 hours a day, each day seems like an eternity and many clients that come to us have tried to sleep as much as they can in order to avoid their symptoms and thoughts.

Not only is that unproductive but it actually support the anxiety and prevents recovery... you'll understand why this is if you decide to allow us to help you to recover... believe me, this will be the most pleant surprise you'll ever have. Clients start laughing when they hear it the first time.

Even if someone cares deeply and spends as much time as they can with you, as my grandma did in the last years of my anxiety disorder, they can't climb inside of you and switch the feelings and thoughts off.

For 27 years I felt that way. Looking for safety, reassurance, solutions and sometimes just a friendly, supportive voice.

I then had two aims or objectives that would bring recovery to other sufferers

When I recovered my primary aim was to help people like me to do the same, so I wrote all that I did to become anxiety, panic, obsessions, phobia and depression free and that was the start of my 'Method'.

I then gave that out to people who tried it... and then I offered them assistance to implement it and, loe and behold, they recovered too.

But I had a second aim... I wanted to give all sufferers that came to me, exactly what they CANNOT get anywhere else... complete, seamless access to ex-sufferers who are also qualified specialists, to reassure, guide and nurture at ANY time... not just during a 10 minute doctor visit or a 45 minute counseling session.

I want YOU and every sufferer to get what you need, but also, what I never got when I suffered... to feel part of a 'family' of like-minded people who know what it is to suffer and how to recover, that can provide what YOU need in order to feel less anxious TODAY and to recover effectively and fast.

The world's ONLY accredited anxiety disorder recovery practitioners

Our specialists, the people who can show you how to recover, aren't just cured ex sufferers, they are counselors, psychologists and psychotherapists who are accredited anxiety recovery specialists. They are certified mental health professionals... with a difference. They bring true, fast recovery to our clients.

What annoys me is that general healthcare doesn't provide recovery.

They have budgets and restrictions, they have limited staff and resources... I get that but they use flawed science to administer flawed practice that perpetuate suffering.

That is unacceptable. My team were once in general practice too but as soon as they saw that true recovery is possible and so simple... they switched to our therapeutic model.

Every day, myself and my team 'reach inside of people's heads' (metaphorically speaking) and quickly erase anxiety disorders; but more than that, we provide sufferers with that missing link between isolation and reassurance that allows them to feel better quickly but to also experience true recovery.

Our recovery solution is based on this...

I remember being in town once when I was about 13; I had met with a few friends to go to McDonalds, browse the record store and just hang out.

My friends were having fun, laughing and joking and I just remember trying to memorize where the payphones were, looking out for people I knew, thinking of excuses I could make to get collected and go home.

I know that every sufferer feels like that constantly, albeit, in most cases, the adult version of that same need to 'safety seek'; I was you once Ccizasyeuio... in fact, I still am you... just the non-anxious version.

Believe me when I tell you, with the benefit of having helped, possibly more people, than any other person or organization in the world... you are not going to be like this for the rest of your life... I promise you that you can be anxiety free.

The solution isn't 'face your fear' or 'rate your anxiety levels' or 'talking therapy'... it certainly isn't medication... it's in you already and activating it is so simple, non-threatening and effortless... be reassured.

I can show you how to wake up TOMORROW, feeling massively better than you feel today and my team will be there to help, guide and reassure you when YOU need them.

Take care


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