The 30 Day Stress Away With Charles Linden
The 30 Day Stress Away With Charles Linden

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Email sent: Feb 6, 2020 8:37am
Hi Ccizasyeuio,
This email will be the most 'scientifically significant' and important information that YOU, as a sufferer, have ever read!

So, please read it fully and understand it... and if you don't understand it, read it again... or contact us!

This information is based on hundreds of thousands of recoveries and over 20 years of practice, so it will change everything you believe about your condition.

I am also going to go against a very widespread belief by telling you a scientific truth that most 'anxiety advisers' don't mention... it's easier to just let people find out for themselves I guess.
I am about to save you a lot of time and potentially, money too.
This isn't only relevant to people who have had or are having, cognitive therapy or CBT, it is KEY to every sufferer's recovery... it's probably why you are struggling.

Have you ever had cognitive behavioral therapy (or CBT)?

Have you taken medication for your anxiety?

About 13 years ago, I had a very long conversation with a psycho-physiologist (someone who studies the way the brain works - since then I've had many dozens more) at an event I attended that changed my thinking about anxiety disorder therapies and medication forever and confirmed to me that my beliefs were correct.

I then went off and investigated further, only to find that we are all being lied to about cognitive therapy!

Since then I have spoken to hundreds of psychologists, academics, doctors, psycho-physiologists, psycho-pharmacologists, psychotherapists and many more 'ists' that have confirmed some very important facts... facts that are proven time and time again by what we do... I think you'll be interested.

If you don't know this, you need to.

Why doesn't CBT cure you?


CBT is the most widespread, prefered 'treatment' for anxiety disorders, but what people don't realize is that it's core science is very, very wrong.

I am not 'bashing' the practice or practitioners... I am protecting YOU based on science, 20 years of practice and research, the statements of every 'brain scientist' we have met and work with and now, also, a very quickly spreading realization amongst psychologists.
National Health Organizations refer to CBT as an 'anxiety management treatment' but the science of CBT is so fatally flawed that psychology is turning its back on it.

We have helped 200,000 plus people... not one of those people or any other person we have spoken to, has been cured by CBT because, as we know, it CAN'T work.

This means that anyone using it in practice to treat anxiety disorders is either:
a) aware that it can't work and using it anyway (due to a lack of sensible options or due to their own need for session fees)

b) unaware that it can't work... which means they are badly trained...
...either way, they are misleading you and that's very worrying.

I don't have a massive problem with CBT in principal (except for the fact that I remortgaged and eventually lost, my home to pay for it and it made me worse), but ONLY if it is used for conditions that it can help, such as specific phobias, like fear of heights or fear of spiders for example. But even then it needs to be administered carefully and appropriately and the results are, at best, poor.

CBT can provide 'exposure therapy' that does have some scientific merits for those conditions... however, for anxiety disorders, CBT cannot provide a curative solution.

Why can't it cure you?

It's actually really simple Ccizasyeuio.

CBT can't work because it relies on one very simple, but dramatically incorrect scientific fact and that is that:

Your conscious thoughts come before the emotional responses (symptoms). WRONG!!!

It would be lovely if that were the case, because we could then cure anxiety disorders by changing our thoughts, but, unfortunately that is not the case.

You cannot change emotional responses by 'thinking differently' or focusing on the fear and anyone who tells you that you can is horrendously wrong... they may contest what we say (and they do believe me) but they do so to preserve their income and/or their reputation, but they are doing so, not for YOUR good, but for their own, because they don't know the facts or they are lying to you.

If you are interested in this science, look up 'The James-Lange theory' - these two eminent psychologists who are the forefathers of modern psychology concluded a long time ago that emotional responses come BEFORE conscious thought... it makes complete sense actually because if a tiger jumped at you and conscious thought came first, by the time you had decided how to tackle the problem, you'd be 'tiger chow'.

Look Ccizasyeuio, IF it were possible to 'talk yourself' out of an anxiety disorder, it would be a wonderful thing, but it would also mean that you or someone else, would also be able to control your digestion, your breathing, your heart rate, indeed all of your 'autonomic' bodily functions by telling them to change or stop!

Disastrous! Can you imagine what that would mean? It would mean that other people could control your body and mind remotely.

The reason this isn't possible is simple.

The body and mind work together to maintain the function of your bodily systems (respiration, circulation, digestion, emotions, etc.)  and to make sure that it all carries on functioning whether you are asleep or awake and nothing at all can affect that... if it could you would be vulnerable.

So when a CBT practitioner asks you to write down your negative thoughts and decide on more appropriate positive thoughts... whilst you can, indeed, write them down, attempting to change those thoughts will not magically permeate into your subconscious mind and change your emotional responses... it is physically impossible.

That would be like tring to repeat the words 'thin', 'fit' or 'runner' in order to become those things... you cannot change internal physiological presets by telling them to change through language.

This is also true of hypnosis, NLP and EFT by the way... it's flawed nonsensical science and it can make you WORSE.


By the way, many of the psychologists and psychotherapists who work for The Linden centre and with us around the world have been trained in counselling, psychotherapy, CBT, NLP and hypnotherapy but refuse to use them in practice because they don't work! If you research the science, the only people who says it works are the people selling it, offering training or practising it!

Your emotions, in this case the emotion of fear is guarded deep in your subconscious.

When practitioners ask you to rate your anxiety levels and set 'worry time' aside each day... all you are doing is making your inappropriate (and frankly irrelevant) fears, CONSCIOUS... you are practising being anxious and the more you do these common CBT exercises, the more anxious it will make you.

The same is true of all talking therapies... they may reassure you momentarily but, if you have had them,  I think you'll agree that after months, you aren't cured. Reassured maybe... less alone, maybe... cured? No.

Be honest Ccizasyeuio... have they cured you?

What about medication? I'm not going to say too much about this because it doesn't require a lot of explanation to understand just how ridiculous and pointless anxiety medications are.

PLEASE read and understand this Ccizasyeuio...

In order to deactivate the emotion of fear, to become anxiety and depression free, your anxiety control centre, in your brain, MUST receive very specific 'anxiety deactivating information'... there is no other way for this to happen.

This is THE only solution... so doing anything else is pointless, time consuming and will maintain your suffering Ccizasyeuio

NO medications can cure an anxiety disorder - any drug that COULD therapeutically treat an anxiety disorder, MUST act on the process that creates the emotion of fear directly by affecting, the hormones or the electrical impulses (or both) that create fear... NO medication exists that can or will do this. The medications available are sedatives, antidepressants or beta-blockers mainly... none of them have been developed to do what I just described... they all act on the wrong brain structures.

CBT and talking therapies may be an opportunity for a 'nice chat' and the sessions might be reassuring or comforting at the time, but apart from that, they have no scientific anxiety busting benefits. Drugs might sedate you, cause your heart to beat slower or attempt to change Serotonin levels... but that won't remove an anxiety disorder... Serotonin isn't involved in anxiety disorders. You might just as well take paracetamol... pointless.

Ccizasyeuio, the brain has the ability to 'turn off' the emotion of fear that causes and perpetuates your anxiety disorder and it can do so in seconds, IF you know what to do.

This is the ONLY way to become anxiety disorder free and it is what I have been teaching people to do for over 20 years.

My team of qualified mental health professionals and I know what works and what doesn't work, we understand the science and we have seen the science at work many tens of thousands of times in the people we cure.

It's so, so damned easy Ccizasyeuio... that's my frustration for YOU.
If you knew how easy it is and how much better you can quickly feel, you'd be doing it right now.

It is brilliant! 


It saddens me when I think of all the people who are being misled and who are losing valuable time and life experiences because of inappropriate treatments for the conditions we cure.

I just want you to recover Ccizasyeuio and I'll do anything to stop you wasting time and money and becoming frustrated and isolated. 
Is this a sales pitch? If you choose to see it that way then yes. BUT consider this.
    How many times have you had someone offer you:
  • full recovery - guaranteed
  • free access to the most qualified, experienced Anxiety Recovery Specialists in the world
  • free access to a massive group of anxiety recovery resources
  • a huge resource of 'symptoms explained' videos
  • direct, immediate guidance on how to feel better in hours
  • a process that is used by hundreds of celebrities, sports-people and even government agencies
  • PLUS, PLUS, PLUS... it's unique in substance, content and success

     ...and if you aren't 100% satisfied... you get a full refund!!

I am passionate about what I do... do I want you to just TRY it? 

Absolutely, but only because we change lives every day and nothing out there works like this.


If you would like to discuss the themes in this email with registered mental health care professionals, just call us on one of the numbers on our website and my team would be glad to discuss this with you OR you can respond to this email and I will pass it on.

Take care,


Charles Linden
Linden Tree Education
The Linden Method
Anxiety Recovery Retreats
LAR Practitioner accreditation


P.S - If you'd like to read about other sufferer's anxiety recovery experiences, click here:

P.P.S - VITAL RECOVERY CHECKLIST - Would you allow someone to operate on you if they couldn't demonstrate that others had been operated on and recovered? Of course not. So why would you enlist the help of people who couldn't demonstrate that they produce anxiety recovery?

Before entering into ANY therapeutic approach, ask to see testimonials from CURED ex clients. Make sure the person has an accreditation as an Anxiety Recovery Practitioner, not just a psychology, psychiatry or counselling qualification. Make sure the practitioner has had personal, first hand, experience of what you are going through. Be certain that the person has the correct accreditations and insurances. DO NOT trust anyone out of feeling pressurised. Always asked for testimonials and statements of recovery from REAL clients. So many people misplace their trust in people who 'seem' worthy of it just because they have a qualification. Anyone can get a qualification... what matters massively more is their ability to get you to where you need to be.


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