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A calm between storms?

AstroTwins Monthly Horoscope * AUGUST 2020

Dear Evvtmfkphaf,

At last, a little break from the 2020 pandemic pandemonium? While the headlines may be grim, August's stars give us a boost of motivation—tempered by practical wisdom.

This will allow us a little window to prepare for the rest of 2020, which will have its fair share of planetary plot twists. Contemplating a big life change? The sky in August can help you do just that.

2020 horoscope

Are you feeling anxious about planning the rest of the year, -? Let us help! If you didn't get our 2020 Horoscope Guide, we've got a limited stock of paperbacks left—and we're clearing them out for 50 percent off. You can also instantly download the PDF version—both are on sale now!

With several more retrogrades, 2 eclipses, the U.S. elections, another Jupiter-Pluto intense meetup...AND (whew) a brilliant cosmic event on December won't want to miss these important astrological windows. The 2020 Horoscope Guide has all the details!

Head over to the site to read the August Monthly overview. And as always, find out what's in store for your sign in your August Monthly Horoscope.

Cosmic Love,

Ophi & Tali

The AstroTwins

Romance Reset

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Aries: After a string of life-changing eclipses over the past two months, you may be wondering when (or if) you’ll get your groove back. Everything from your career to your home to your communication style has experienced upheaval...MORE >

Taurus: You’ll be pulled in dueling directions in August, Taurus, with strong urges to bond and nest tugging against powerful forces compelling you to get out into the world to seek new adventures...MORE >

Gemini: Duality is your specialty, and that will come in handy now. August may feel like a constant dance between dueling desires—with an emphasis on communication and community. Will you choose conversations that dive deep...MORE >

Cancer: Ready to feel steady again, Cancer? After June and July rocked your world with eclipses—one swept through your sign on June 21, putting one of your key projects or desires front and center. As August begins, you may ache...MORE >

Leo: Happy birthday season, Leo! The Sun is beaming in your sign until August 22, restoring your roar and bringing back that royal swagger that you may not have felt for much of this year. On top of feeling like a caged “big cat”...MORE >

Virgo: Slow down and enjoy a little solitude, Virgo. As the Sun moves through Leo and your twelfth house of healing, closure and transitions until August 22, less is more. Don’t fret if your energy’s a bit low during this annual “sleepy cycle.” Think of it...MORE >

Libra: With the Sun in gregarious Leo and your eleventh house of groups and teamwork until August 22, all your relationships—from friends and family to colleagues and companions—are energized...MORE >

Scorpio: Scorpio on the move! In August, not much can slow you down when you set your sights on a goal. The only challenge will be deciding which exciting plans to pursue....MORE >

Sagittarius: August is usually an action-packed month, Sagittarius, and it makes perfect sense why! The Sun is blazing through Leo and your adventurous, expansive ninth house, the natural domain of Sagittarius...MORE >

Capricorn: A little space, please? You’ll feel like deep-diving into your most cherished personal goals and projects for the first three weeks of August as the Sun drifts through Leo and your intimate, intense eighth house until August 22...MORE >

Aquarius: Relationships of every stripe are the main event for Water Bearers this August. From family to friends, work commitments to the need to rebalance off-kilter dynamics: This is your month to get things back on track...MORE >

Pisces: You’re already in back-to-school mode—at least your mind is—as August begins. The Sun’s making its annual voyage through Leo and your sixth house of health, organization and analytical thinking until August 22...MORE >

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