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Thank you so much for joining The Beauty Chef community.

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Welcome to the Inner Beauty Family

Thank you so much for joining The Beauty Chef community. When I first launched the brand, my vision was to educate and inspire by sharing my philosophy that ‘beauty begins in the belly™’. When it comes to glowing skin, we first need to nourish ourselves from within.

Both myself and my daughter suffered from eczema as children, so my own inner beauty journey began after I discovered the intimate link between the state of our gut, our health and our skin. I began lacto-fermenting foods in my kitchen at home, eventually creating The Beauty Chef's first product, GLOW Inner Beauty Powder™.

Now, The Beauty Chef has a whole library of products, all designed to work synergistically together to promote glowing, radiant skin and support gut health. Each product sits within The Beauty Chef 3-Step Inner Beauty Solution™ – our ESSENTIALS are the foundation to your inner beauty routine™, your inner beauty moisturiser. Our BOOSTS amplify the benefits of your chosen essential and work as your inner beauty serum. While our SUPPORT products are designed to target your specific lifestyle concerns.

Beauty goes beyond skin deep and we hope that as part of The Beauty Chef family, you'll be inspired to begin your own inner beauty journey...

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