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This SF PAC co-founder (falsely) thinks 'Covid is over' 😷🌡️

Plus: There was once a pedestrian bridge across the Embarcadero.

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Thursday night, our editor-in-chief found himself in some interesting online territory: standing up against COVID misinformation spewed by a notable SF PAC figure.

Endemecy is an ongoing conversation, becoming standard discourse since the first COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer-BioNTech’s two-dose MRNA inoculation, was made publicly available in December 2020. The ensuing months (which later turned into years) would see supplemental dose recommendations, strain-specific booster shots, and antiviral drugs like Paxlovid and Lagevrio enter our collective health consciousness.

“Long COVID” is real — debilitating, frightening, and all-consuming for between 6% and 8% of all American adults who’ve contracted COVID-19. Shifts between masking and unmasking are inevitable. We’re on the precipice of such a change, right now. 

To say that COVID is over is not just remissive, dishonest, and utterly tone-deaf, it’s a dangerous falsehood to purport. It allows room for negligence around public health edicts, as well as offers opportunities to devalue ongoing work around the disease conducted by experts in the field. The tainted outcomes from expressing such a fallacy largely depend on what pulpit, digital or otherwise, it’s spoken from, as well as who is uttering said delusion.

At nearly 1 a.m. Thursday, such a declaration was posted on X by GrowSF co-founder and co-owner of The Bold Italic Sachin Agarwal, writing that “Covid is over” and to “go have fun” in response to a user commenting on a picture Agarwal shared of the grand opening of SF’s IKEA location.

When Underscore's founder and EIC, Matt Charnock, reposted Agarwal’s post and explained how damaging and absent-minded his belief was —  simultaneously waxing sarcastic that the former Apple engineer apparently moonlights as a public health expert — the contentious PAC co-founder doubled down on his ignorance, belittling his concern with a suggestion Charnock “go have fun in San Francisco.”

It was at this moment, too, Charnock believed Agarwal hadn’t exhaustively comprehended "who the f*ck he was dealing with."

A massive pedestrian bridge was once at SF's Ferry Building 🌉🚶

Opened in 1898, San Francisco’s Ferry Building began primarily as a welcome portal for people arriving by train. As the Gold Rush continued until the 1930s, thousands of people a day passed through the iconoclastic structures by way of shipping and fishing boats and, of course, ferries. At its peak during this era, SF’s Ferry Building saw as many as 50,000 people walk through the two-story public structure on a daily basis to commute by ferry.

Knowing the massive foot traffic SF’s Ferry Building retained, it makes all-out sense why this remarkably large pedestrian bridge once spanned the Embarcadero, helping allow safe passing out of the plaza and transit hub.

FYI: Flower Piano is almost here 🎹🌺

ICYMI: One of San Francisco's most magical, spellbinding outdoor events is just two weeks away. Flower Piano is expected to kick off September 8th and include a *brand new* "Flower Piano Lounge," which will feature private concerts with access to a full-service bar and food from partners at Off The Grid. 

TBH, we can't wait to have a good, cathartic cry while swaying to piano solos atop a well-worn picnic blanket.

The Co-Founder of an SF PAC Says ‘Covid Is Over.’ It’s Not.

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