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Coral Castle Explained - Chapter 2

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In my previous post on Chapter 1, and mentioned that there were three key points that you should consider when looking at the history of Edward Leedskalnin.
You can read that here:

It would seem that this relatively normal man from Latvia, with no previous skills with stonemasonry, whose background was primarily in the lumber industry, would not have a clue as to how to move enormous blocks of coral, let alone have the ingenuity necessary to position them with the precision that you see today.

In Chapter 2, I go over what I call the "Standard Version" of Edward Leedskalnin's life. In the article that you are about to read, I also provide you with several links that you can reference to see that most accounts of his life are relatively similar across the Internet.

Go here to read my article on Chapter 2 of Coral Castle Explained...
Also, if you have not yet downloaded the five free chapters of my book, you can do that here:

In the next article, I will address what I call the "Enhanced Version" of Edward Leedskalnin's life, addressing several points which clearly show that this one man could not have accomplished what he did by himself, and that there had to have been secret knowledge that only he was privy to which allowed him to create the 100 ton Coral Castle.

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