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Could a Thrift Store Be Dangerous to Your Financial Health?

Email sent: Oct 11, 2020 7:59pm

We explore the financial truth about thrift stores.

October 12, 2020
Volume 25, Number 41

From the Editor's Desk
by Gary Foreman
[email protected]

Hello to all my Frugal Friends!


Now that it's getting cooler, it's time to prepare for the really cold months of winter. Here at TDS we're ready to help you!


You'll want to start with some home winterization. It's much easier to check the caulking around windows before the snow flies! You might want to start with Minimize the Costs of Winter's Chill With These Home Prep Steps.


Or, if you're relatively new to home ownership, 12 Frugal Home Winterization Tips could be a good place to start.


No surprise, but your attic can be a major source of heat loss. How to Insulate an Attic for Lower Energy Bills will show you how to tell if you have enough insulation and, if not, what you can do about it before all that heat you're paying for ends up leaving your comfy abode.


Finally, if your home is a little older, you might be wondering if your furnace is up to the job. Or if it's energy efficient. The last thing you want is for your furnace to die in the middle of a cold snap! Is It Time to Replace Your Furnace? will help you answer that question and avoid a frosty wait for a new furnace to be installed in January or February!


One final thought. I know that none of these jobs are required right now. It'll be tempting to leave them for another day. Or skip them altogether. But if you want to stay comfortable this winter and save some money at the same time, then now is the time to do a little preparation for those cold days to come. You'll pat yourself on the back next January when you're warm inside and it's not costing you a fortune to heat your home!


Keep on Stretching those Dollars!

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