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Brexit and Sinn Fein’s success boost talk of Irish unification

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Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

The possibility of a referendum on a united Ireland is enshrined in the Good Friday agreement. But unification would not be an easy process
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Is some revelation at hand?
Brexit and Sinn Fein’s success boost talk of Irish unification

It would not be an easy process
Read our leader: Irish unification is becoming likelier
Big changes in Hubei
Xi Jinping sends in the hard men to deal with the Wuhan virus

He fires the local bosses who failed to get to grips with the covid-19 outbreak
Mike Bloomberg’s (very expensive) moment

The former mayor of New York’s lavish spending and weak rivals make him a contender
Daily chart
Emissions from energy production have stabilised, for now

But the capacity of the Amazon to absorb the greenhouse gas is falling
With a new chancellor, Boris Johnson consolidates his power

Rishi Sunak has little in common with his predecessor Sajid Javid
Solar Orbiter’s launch
A new spacecraft will examine the sun close up

Solar physics is a hot topic
Laughter in the dark
Tom Stoppard’s haunting new play about the Holocaust

Set in Vienna from 1899 to 1955, “Leopoldstadt” tells an acutely personal story
The Economist Asks
What’s wrong with inequality?

This week we speak to Thomas Piketty, an economist and the author of “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” and “Capital and Ideology”
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