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The pandemic has caused the world’s economies to diverge

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Covid-19 is imposing a new economic reality. Every country will be called on to adapt, but America faces an especially daunting task
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October 8th 2020
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Winners and losers

The pandemic has caused the world’s economies to diverge

But its long-term impact will be even more far-reaching



Special report: How the covid-19 pandemic will accelerate change in the world economy

The Veep debate

Mike Pence v Kamala Harris ends in a normal sort of a draw

The battle of the understudies casts them as plausible presidential successors


For good and ill, India’s prime minister is hard at work

Narendra Modi is ramming through reforms with little consultation

Daily chart

One in three people want preferential access to a covid-19 vaccine

“Vaccine nationalism” is not the sole preserve of politicians. Many citizens want first dibs on new jabs too

Land of the mask-free

The real lessons from Sweden’s approach to covid-19

Sweden is held up as a champion of liberty. In fact it is the home of pragmatism

Crude crutch

Canadian oilmen drill the government for aid

Finding oil looks like a doddle in comparison

The rest is memory

Louise Glück wins the 2020 Nobel prize in literature

The choice of the former American poet laureate came as a surprise, yet it is uncontroversial

The Economist Asks: Fareed Zakaria and John Micklethwait

How should governments adapt to the post-pandemic world?

We ask CNN’s Fareed Zakaria and John Micklethwait, editor-in-chief of Bloomberg

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