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British politics after Theresa May

Email sent: May 24, 2019 5:06pm
Theresa May announced on May 24th that she would step down as leader of the Conservative Party and Britain’s prime minister. British politics will now be consumed by the race to succeed her
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British politics
The end of May

Theresa May resigns as prime minister. Her successor will grapple with the same forces that destroyed her
The great jobs boom

The rich world is enjoying an unprecedented employment bonanza, which capitalism’s critics have missed
A propaganda own goal

Chinese leaders think America can be threatened into resuming engagement. That’s misguided
Social engineering
Baby strike

Singapore’s government struggles to promote procreation
Global markets
Late in the day

The joys and pains of investing in a mature business cycle
Gold leaf

If you’re looking for gold, don’t look down. Look up
Tarantino’s latest
Love letters to La La Land

“Once Upon a Hollywood” is not much interested in the darker side of the movie business
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