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What is the world’s most liveable city?

Also: Joe Biden’s policy in the Middle East

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Also: Joe Biden’s policy in the Middle East
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June 22nd 2022
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Change you can’t believe in

Joe Biden’s Middle East policy looks a lot like his predecessor’s

The nuclear deal is out, the Saudis are in, and human rights are barely on the table


Read more: How America tries to grapple with China while confronting Russia

Daily chart

The world’s most liveable cities

Life is getting back to normal, if not quite everywhere

The latest disaster

An earthquake kills hundreds in Afghanistan

The devastated country is ill-equipped to mount a rescue effort

The man who fell to earth

What President Emmanuel Macron should learn from losing his majority in the French parliament

His second term now looks very difficult. Can he get anything done?

Wage fright

Britain’s government is restraining public-sector pay to curb inflation

The rail strikes are one consequence. There may be others

Arm twisting and turning

Why everyone wants Arm

The British chip designer’s modest size belies its central role in the digital revolution

Clear water

Swimming’s ruling on transgender women continues a trend

Another sport chooses fairness over inclusion

The Economist explains

What is the “doom loop” in the euro zone?

A vicious cycle in countries’ financial systems has analysts worried


The best books to explain America’s debate on abortion rights

Four recommendations from our American social affairs correspondent

Fight without end

Roman Ratushny believed in a better, purer Ukraine

The civic and environmental activist was killed near Izyum on June 9th, aged 24

Money Talks

Is another housing crash on the way?

Our podcast on markets, the economy and business. This week, we examine which housing markets are most exposed to rising mortgage rates.

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