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Why inflation will stay high

Also: A crucial NATO summit

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Also: A crucial NATO summit
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June 27th 2022
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The top of the hill

Why inflation looks likely to stay above the pre-pandemic norm

Even as supply-chain snarls ease, wage growth and price expectations are ticking up


Read more: People’s inflation expectations are rising—and will be hard to bring down

Jolting back to life

NATO holds its most important summit in generations

The alliance is fortifying its eastern borders. But it is divided over how far to go in Ukraine

After Roe v Wade

The fallout from overturning Roe

In an even more divided America, the battle over abortion goes on

The Economist explains

How is the Supreme Court changing the law of religious liberty in America?

Its conservative majority is expanding the right to religious exercise at the expense of church-state separation


The Biden-Harris problem

Democrats face the fact that they need a better candidate for 2024 than Joe Biden or his deputy


Why managers deserve more understanding

Don’t overdo the sympathy, but the job is both necessary and demanding

Daily chart

The global economy is falling below expectations

Markets are suffering more negative surprises than positive ones

Nest of vipers

The battle for Snake Island

Ukraine is stepping up its attacks on the strategically important rock

State capital

The rise of China’s VC-industrial complex

The state is reshaping one of the world’s biggest startup scenes—not necessarily for the better

Brick to the future

Vietnamese modernism was ahead of its time

Despite official neglect, architects are reviving the buildings and ideas of the post-independence era

The Intelligence

“The effects are going to be long-lasting and dreadful”—America’s abortion-rights rollback

A special episode of the daily podcast on a Supreme Court ruling that will have dreadful consequences

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