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3 "Adaptogens" That CRUSH Stress & Fight Aging

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Happy Monday fun day!

It's always great having the weekend to rest & recover but that hardly means all the low-energy & stress is gone.

And now you still have a full work week ahead before next weekend!

Sometimes I think we should add an extra day to the week just so we can have it off. Haha

One way to combat the fatigue & stress that build up on you is to use adaptogens.

What the heck are adaptogens?

They help your body “adapt” to biological & psychological stresses.

Taking them makes it easier for your body to balance your hormonal systems.

They’ve been used for centuries in places like India & China by soldiers to handle stress, recover quicker & boost energy.

The right adaptogens can help make you more resilient when you’re feeling stressed & tired.

Adaptogens can:

  • improve energy
  • sharpen focus
  • boost strength
  • give you a better mood

Taking them can help you better manage stress that builds up on you.

I’m talking stress from work, family, events, responsibilities, lack of sleep, etc.

We can get so stressed out & tired all the time that your body has trouble shutting off these stress hormones.

This is one of the BIG reasons it can be hard to relax at night & to fall asleep quickly & deeply.

Adaptogens give your body better control over your stress hormones so it releases the right ones when you need them.

And they also help to shut them down when you don’t.

This way you’ll be able to better fight stress & sleep better.

When your body is stressed out & tired all the time you’ll gain weight easier, age faster & more likely to suffer from diseases.

Here are my 3 favorite adaptogens:

1. Ashwagandha

Studies have found Ashwagandha is effective in lowering the stress hormone cortisol.

Cortisol is necessary when we’re in ‘fight or flight’ mode but can wreak havoc on your body when there’s too much of it.

And having an excess of cortisol in your body is linked to an INCREASE in belly-fat.


Studies have also found it helps to improve memory by lowering your exposure to neurological toxins.

Last time I checked having more belly-fat & toxins in my brain wasn’t high on my favorites list. Haha

2. Astragalus

This is a herb that’s been used for:

  • fighting aging
  • lowering inflammation
  • supporting the kidneys

Astragalus is also the only natural substance known to have cycloastragenol in it.

What’s that do?

It’s a molecule that works to lengthen the telomeres on your chromosomes.

Telomeres are the “caps” on the ends of your chromosomes & as you age they begin to get smaller as they wear down.

But Astragalus works to lengthen these telomeres which will help you stay young & fight aging.

3. Siberian Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng has been used for centuries in reduce lethargy, fatigue & low stamina.

If you’re looking for a way to give your energy levels a kickstart then this one could definitely help.

It’ll also work to increase your endurance & resilience to stresses that build up on you.

These 3 powerful adaptogens can give your body a big BOOST to fighting stress levels & improving your energy.

And all 3 of these adaptogens are in Athletic Greens.

This is just another (one of the many) reasons I recommend taking it every single day of the week.

Not only does it contain micronutrients from real whole foods, but it’s also packed with probiotics, antioxidants & these powerful adaptogens.

It’s a simple yet advanced all-in-one greens supplement to give your body the powerful stress fighting & age defying ingredients it thrives on.

Getting these adaptogens in your body can give you an advantage to fighting stress while also helping you reverse aging.

Make sure you get them in… remember it’s only Monday! Haha

Keep crushing it.

Your coach,


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