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Biggest mistake while fasting

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Want to be able to eat how you normally eat but still drop pounds?

In a new study researchers found those using Alternate Day Fasting were able to cut weight despite eating their usual die-ts.

alternate day fasting

The participants in the study fasted for 36 hours then were allowed to eat how they normally ate for 12 hours.

Along with dropping weight those in the study also had lower levels of inflammation (which causes you to age faster).

Now keep in mind I don’t recommend using Alternate Day Fasting for everyone.

It can be pretty intense if you’re not used to fasting in the first place.

Most of the time I recommend working up to 16/8 fasting style or even better the 18/6 style.

I’ve found this to be a better longer term solution for the majority of people.

But most people make this critical mistake while intermittent fasting…

You can’t eat whatever you want the rest of the time if you’re doing 16/8 or even 18/6 fasting styles.

Usually after fasting you’ll be pretty hungry so it’ll be tempting to eat everything in sight.

This only works if you’re using Alternate Day Fasting. This is because going a day & a half without eating will leave you with enough room for a calorie influx for 12 hours.

So while you’re fasting I’d only eat/drink these:

  • Athletic Greens (all-in-one superfood cocktail)
  • black coffee
  • unsweetened green tea
  • water (I like to add some lemon to it)
  • zero cal sparkling waters

Athletic Greens is smart to take while you’re fasting as it’ll provide your body with the nutrients to thrive. You’ll keep your metabolism going strong, improve your gut health & keep your energy levels up.

I like to call Athletic Greens a super multivitamin on steroids. It’s formulation is the best on the market… you can get 20% off by using this link here.

Coffee & green tea are also great to take while fasting since they’re thermogenic. This just means they’re going to help accelerate how much fat your body burns. Just be careful to not add sugar to them.

And it goes without saying drinking a lot of water while fasting is going to help to not only fight off the hunger pangs but it’ll also keep you hydrated.

Then that’s it!

Once your fasting window has closed and it’s time to feast then you stick with a science-backed diet system like the one in The Flat Belly Formula.

The key with following a dieting plan is to eat foods that are low-glycemic, low-inflammatory & will keep your insulin levels down.

This is the magic recipe for fast fat loss, more energy, reversing aging & optimizing your health.

Your coach,


P.S. You can check out my blog post on Alternate Day Fasting here

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