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Boost your “fat controller” hormone

Email sent: Jun 26, 2019 1:32 pm

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Trainer Josh Fitness

Did you know you have a “fat controller” hormone that has a HUGE impact on your weight/fat-loss?

This hunger hormone is called Leptin.

And leptin essentially tells you body to STOP EATING.

So when you’re feeling hungry there’s a good chance your leptin levels are down in the dumps.

Next thing you know you just ordered everything off the McDonald’s menu & scarfing it all down.

The thing with trying to lose stubborn excess poundage is cutting out all the extra food.

But we all know those feelings of being insanely hungry once you start cutting calories & eating clean foods.

You need to have adequate amounts of this “fat controller” hormone leptin in your body.

Otherwise your body will think it needs to keep eating, eating & eating!

A new study by the Texas Biomedical Research Institute found a gene mutation that could help researchers understand why people gain so much weight.

But the good news is you can already increase this hormone naturally on your own.

AND you’ll still be able to lose those extra flabby pounds without starving yourself silly.

What’s the trick?

You’re going to need to manipulate your leptin levels strategically so you can keep them SKY HIGH.

This way you’ll still be able to get results without driving yourself insanely hungry all the time.

And the best way to do this is with the plan in The Flat Belly Formula. You can check it out right here.

Inside the plan you’ll be able to discover how you can boost your leptin levels while “dieting” at the same time.

Plus when you pick up your copy of The Flat Belly Formula I’ll write up for you a personalized Low Carb Cycling plan.

These Low Carb Cycling plans are easy-to-follow & can take your leptin boosting to another level by strategically manipulating this “fat controller” hormone.

The problem with just cutting your calories is you’ll end up insanely hungry all the time. This is why calorie restriction doesn’t work long term.

But when you’re able to manipulate your leptin levels you can significantly decrease your hunger while getting fast results & keep them for good.

Time to boost your leptin!

Your coach,


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