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Fasting slows your metabolism

Email sent: Oct 16, 2019 1:19 pm

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Trainer Josh Fitness

Hey hey happy Wednesday!

If you’ve been reading my emails for any time now then you’ll know just how big I am on Intermittent Fasting.

And when I checked my email inbox this morning I saw that I had this message…

“Someone told me that fasting will slow down your metabolism and in the long run you’re going to end up gaining weight. Is this true?”

I replied that she should’ve went right back to this person who told her this & told them to buzz off. Haha

It’s an oooooold belief that “starving yourself” is going to end up slowing down your metabolism.

And if you’re unsure what your metabolism is just think of it as how many calories & fat your body burns on a daily basis.

The faster your metabolism the more weight/fat you’ll lose - the slower it is the more you’ll gain.

When you’re following my 16/8 or 18/6 Intermittent Fasting protocol you’re really not going THAT long without eating.

If you think about it your ancestors would have to go DAYS or sometimes even WEEKS without much food (if any).

I’m sure they’d be a little jealous to know all you have to do nowadays is push a little button on your phone to get a hot pizza delivered to your door. Haha

Crazy enough when done right Intermittent Fasting will actually BOOST your metabolism.

This study1 found fasting resulting in an increase of participants metabolism by 14%…

fasting boosts metabolism

The researchers in the study believe the increase in metabolism is from a rise in the hormone norepinephrine. This hormone promotes fat burning.

Now if you start fasting for very long periods of time (more than 3 days) then your metabolism will gradually slow down.

But if you’re fasting for 2/3 of the day or even a full 24 hour fast then you’ll see a RISE in your fat-burning metabolism.

Yet the biggest problem I see with those Intermittent Fasting is…

They go too hard too fast!

Most just aren’t ready to even go a full 16 hour fast right out the gates.

Next thing you know they’re feeling like a hungry hungry hippo eating everything in sight. Haha

Make sure you put THESE in your body while fasting to fight off the any hunger:

And that’s about it!

Athletic Greens is smart to take while fasting as it’ll provide your body with vital micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, hormone support) from real whole foods to crank up your metabolism + fight off hunger.

I take it every single morning no matter if I'm traveling or if I'm enjoying a nice staycation. Haha

Drinking coffee or green tea during your fast will also give a boost to your metabolism as they’re both thermogenic.

So you’ll not only get an energy boost from the caffeine but you’ll also burn off some extra fat too.

And it goes without saying you should be drinking a good amount of water while fasting.

It’ll help to fight off the hunger pangs plus your body won’t operate at 100% if you’re dehydrated.

So if you’re looking to drop those extra stubborn pounds fast before the holidaze arrive then get on Intermittent Fasting.

Fasting is KING!

Your coach,

Trainer Josh

[1] Zauner C, Schneeweiss B, Kranz A, et al. Resting energy expenditure in short-term starvation is increased as a result of an increase in serum norepinephrine. The American journal of clinical nutrition. 2000;71(6):1511-1515. doi:10.1093/ajcn/71.6.1511

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