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Fish oil is a loser

Email sent: May 4, 2021 1:32pm
Trainer Josh Fitness

Most already know taking a fish oil daily is a good idea…

It’s been found to lower heart disease, inflammation & can even slim down the ol’ wasteline…

But fish oil is a loser!

You see the reason fish oil can be effective is from its omega-3 fatty acids…

No there are two different omega-3 fatty acids…

DHA and EPA.

Both are the 2-sides to the coin when it comes to omega-3 fatty acid supplements like fish oil.

But one of them blows the other out of the water!

Here’s a new study finding just so:

In this study, researchers found DHA had a significantly stronger anti-inflammatory effect than EPA.

  • DHA lowered 4 types of pro-inflammatory proteins, EPA only 1
  • DHA lowered white blood cell secretion of 3 types of pro-inflammatory proteins, EPA only lowered 1 type
  • DHA reduced levels of an anti-inflammatory protein, EPA did not

So DHA is far & away the better of the two…

Yet fish oil contains way more EPA than DHA.

Which only gives you a fraction of the results!

Instead, you need to find an omega-3 that contains a high amount of DHA to get the results you want.

This is why I’ve been taking OmegaKrill daily.

It contains impressively high 1040mg of DHA which is fantastic considering fish oils generally only have a couple of hundred mgs.

This will maximize your results…

You just can’t get this by taking ordinary fish oil.

Plus OmegaKrill contains the most powerful antioxidant known to science…


Studies have found Astaxanthin to be the strongest antioxidant known to science.

It has the ability to optimize the health & radiance of your skin by proving protection & support…

One of the main reasons we age faster than we need to is from having too much inflammation in the body…

So by taking a powerful anti-inflammatory like OmegaKrill you’ll be able to reverse the damage inflammation has caused…

Like an increased waistline, wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots…

You’ll also improve your energy, how you feel & your mood too.

And today by using this special link you can save up to 51% off:

==> Get OmegaKrill for up to 51% off

To your health…

Your coach,

Trainer Josh

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