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Just last year I came across a poll finding 40% of Americans felt more anxious at this time than they were last year.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s even higher this year.

When you think of all the daily stresses building up inside you it’s no wonder we’re all feeling a little more anxious than usual.

Sometimes it’s not a big deal but it can creep up on you fast.

It can build up inside you to the point you hit your limit.

Stresses from work, family, health, safety, & relationships can all hit us really hard.

Next thing you know cortisol levels are through the roof!

It’s no surprise that all this stress isn’t only messing with your brain but it can also cause you to pack on the belly flab.

But there’s hope yet!

A new review of 21 studies found anxiety symptoms can be improved by boosting your healthy gut bacteria.

They call your gut the “second brain” for this very reason.

There are trillions of tiny microorganisms in your gut that perform critical functions in your body.

Everything from your immune system to your fat-burning metabolism to fighting inflammation in your body.

This “gut-brain axis” is highly connected.

So much so what’s going on in your gut can have a BIG impact on what’s going on in your brain.

This review study also suggested improving your gut health by taking probiotics to alleviate anxiety.

I always take Athletic Greens every day.

It contains a bountiful serving of probiotics, prebiotics & digestive enzymes.

Think of probiotics as the good microscopic gut bugs.

Prebiotics are what helps to create a healthy environment for these gut bugs to thrive.

And digestive enzymes help to break down foods you eat so they’re more easily digested & absorbed.

All of which create the perfect trifecta for your gut health.

So if you’ve ever experienced anxiety, panic attacks or even depression then the first place to improve is your gut.

It’s more connected than you think.

Time to get your gut right!

Keep crushing it this week.

Your coach,


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