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Gutter brains (how to fix it)

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Did you know your gut health plays a HUGE role in losing pounds + your mental health?

Such a big role it can turn your life upside down.

If your gut health is in the dumps then you’ll get what I call “Gutter Brains.”

A study published this year by Columbia University found gastrointestinal problems are strongly linked to brain function.

So much so the researchers found stomach issues in children could signal future mental health problems.

Your gut microbiome works hand-in-hand with your changes in brain function.

If your gut ain’t right then your mind won’t be either.


And when your gut is running optimally you’ll have trouble dropping those stubborn pounds too.

Your gut won’t be able to digest & absorb all the nutrients it should.

You can develop “leaky gut” where food & poop actually leaks out of your gut & into your body.


Getting your gut health right should be a TOP priority.

If your gut health is out-of-whack then you’ll never be able to drop the pounds (despite dieting + exercise).

And on top of that your brain + mood will be down in the dumps.

Doesn’t sound fun to me! Haha

This is why I take Athletic Greens every day.

It contains 3 BIG keys to boosting your gut health.

1. Probiotics - microscopic microorganisms that improve & restore your gut flora. Some of the health benefits from getting your gut right with quality probiotics include:

  • weight-loss
  • improved digestion
  • enhanced immune function
  • healthier skin
  • reduced risk of diseases
  • better mood + mental health

2. Prebiotics - these help to promote a flourishing environment for the growth of new beneficial microorganisms. If your gut microbiome doesn’t have a place for the probiotics to flourish then taking probiotics is a waste.

3. Digestive Enzymes - will help you digest the foods you eat. These are also naturally occurring in your digestive tract so you can better break down & absorb foods.

These 3 combined together create a powerful combination for quickly & dramatically boosting your gut health.

Getting your gut health right is of the upmost importance.

Not only for your waistline but for you mood & brain health too.

Be sure to also drop your sugar intake, refined carbs, processed foods & vegetable oils in your die-t.

Then get on some gut boosting supplement like Athletic Greens to take it to the next level.

Have a great day!

Your coach,


P.S. You can get 20% off discount for Athletic Greens by using this link here

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